May 28, 2011

More Egyptian Discoveries – robot explorer finds mysterious markings

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First of all, if it is hitting the mainstream news now, keep in mind with regard to the goings on reported by my previous interviews with the Giza Geomatrix team from the past year or two, that the PTB have very likely been aware of these finds (yes and the 17 "new" pyramids) for some time. They only inform the public when they want the public to know for some nefarious purpose. So why now? This is what you must ask yourselves.. Please do look beneath the surface of these recent announcements and understand that something is up and it is not what it seems. There has been a concentrated effort to redirect people away from the pyramids (especially the Middle Pyramid or Chephren's pyramid). They are also working on (if Zahi Hawass has his way) not allowing people inside the pyramids at all. Put this together with the suspicious movements after dark, removing antiquities from underground passages etc. and you have a very dubious picture of what is really going on in Egypt. Add to that an uprising that was triggered by the, according to Antoine Gigal, well known Egyptologist, release by the authorities of the prisoners just before the uprising… And the picture that emerges is one of subterfuge, misdirects, coercion and deception.

There is, as I have said many times, no doubt that in this and coming years, a special focus on power places such as Giza and the pyramids while the Earth is transiting the galactic center and the wave of energy coming into our planet is increased. Stargates are being re calibrated. Some are opening and some are closing by virtue of the shifting magnetic pole and this is not accidental. What this signifies for the Earth and humanity is not completely clear or likely even fully known but it is definitely factoring in with what is going on with regard to new wars in various places (Libya etc), triggered uprisings and military occupations with countries where these stargates exist. Stay tuned with this in mind when hearing about new archeological findings, new wars, revolts and construction as well as any concentration of military hardware on any parts of the globe going forward.