February 13, 2011 – Update

White Hat Report #11

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The White Hat Reports #11 – Corruption at the highest levels continue, Obama takes his turn in preventing settlements.
 Since our last report one week ago, which continued to reveal incriminating information of fraud, corruption, theft, bribery , tax evasion… etc. by Obama, the Bush and Clinton families, and associates supplied directly to each Supreme Court Justice of the United States, several things have happened.   We have included another letter, again delivered to each Supreme Court Justice this past week that included further updated information to the Court and Congress.   It must be understood, if the Supreme Court does take the appropriate actions, the information supplied to the Court will at the very least, make each Supreme Court Justice aware and liable to the American People for the information they were supplied.  Here is a bullet point of this week’s events.
• Our White Hat report #10 posted on February 7th, 2011 went global in only a matter of hours.  
• President Obama, the Bush family and other government officials continued to move funds out of the Vatican Bank.  The funds have moved to London and Asia.  We are continuing to monitor every move made by the cabal. 
•  The Supreme Court has still failed to act on the information supplied.  We continue to be informed that they want to postpone any action, hoping settlements will be paid and the situation will go away so they will not have to fulfill their responsibility to the American people.
• Speaker of the House John Boehner has refused to denounce Obama detractors on the Birther issue.
• The Falcone letter Dated February 8th was delivered to each Supreme Court Justice. Click on the link below or see the third letter located right hand side of this site. 
• Part of Congress has started to collect information preparing for an investigation.  We need them to move faster.  If they were to invite us to participate, the case would be closed.  How about it Congressman Issa?
• As a result of the continual exposure to the world of his criminal activities by mid-week, intelligence reported that Bush Sr. verbally indicated to release the funds for Wednesday and Thursday distribution (See bullet point below in reference to Bush Jr.)   By mid week the world banking system moved more funds, started to prepare to repay investors funds including Falcone, and complete the promised Global Settlements.   A deal was communicated to appropriate parties that everything would be completed by the end of business day Friday 11th.
• Intelligence reported Friday 3:00pm that Obama stopped the distributions.   In addition to Obama, Bush Jr. also took actions to stop the distribution.  It was reported that Obama was 90% and Bush Jr. was 10% responsible for stopping the payment of investor’s funds and the Global settlements. CLICK HERE FOR MORE…

Chemtrails Halted for Navy Festival in San Diego

You gotta love this…

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Major Pieces Stolen From Egyptian Museum

Re: EGYPT AND THE MIDDLE EAST — WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON? APPROACH TO 2012 #22489 (also posted on Camelot Forum)

Major Pieces Stolen from Egyptian Museum

I read David Icke’s article on the revolution in Egypt and he is right on… What I want to make very clear is that the people are engaged in a revolution. What the powers that be (or were) are doing with that energy is another matter entirely. Now we have items being “stolen” from a heavily guarded Museum. This is clearly being allowed to happen. The question as always is why?

I note that several of the items come from Amarna and this is a red flag believe me. The PTB want to keep Amarna hidden (they decimated it with an atomic bomb I am certain to remove all traces from the site of their plundering…). Please see my recent interview with Carmen Boulter… if you have any question on this.

At any rate, there is no way the museum could be invaded even during more peaceful times. That museum (and I was just there with Carmen) is very heavily guarded and there is no way anyone could get in and out with the precious antiquities unless they were allowed.

Click here for my interview with Carmen...

Please help Stan Deyo with his Measurements – Magnetic Pole Shift

Do you live in one of these locations?

Tasmania, Northern Territory (near Darwin), Queensland (northern tip), Singapore, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Thule in Greenland, Barrow or Prudhoe Bay in Alaska, Hawaii and Antarctica

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Click here for the Camelot interview with Stan Deyo from Oct 2009

From his site bio:

..” Stan Deyo has held Above Top Secret Security Clearance and worked undercover for the FBI. He was part of an exclusive “black project”, headed by Dr. Edward Teller specializing in the development of “flying saucer technology”. He’s a research physicist and computer programmer as well. His predictions of Earth Changes and preparedness website Milennium Ark is well known.


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