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January 5, 2011

Latest White Hat Report

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Dead birds falling from the sky — Flash-forward anyone?

Some of you may remember the recently cancelled TV series called Flash-Forward availabe for viewing here. In one episode, prior to the 2+ minutes in which the entire world with the exception of a few individuals, passed out, and reawoke to find they had seen their futures…

It was caused by a pulse weapon based to some degree perhaps on HAARP technology or even CERN… at any rate in one episode they go to a place in Africa where dead birds had unaccountably fallen out of the sky…

As it happens this was a precursor “test” by the nefarious scientist and his group prior to the big ‘black out”…

As truth is certainly no stranger than fiction… We have a similar event in Arkansas and I am told, by a source, in strategic locations around the world. CLICK HERE FOR MAP. Including Africa. I am told there is some link between a radiation type energy that is found in some places (hidden for thousands of years) that comes out of the ground (or water?) in some places that the scientists in black projects are doing tests with… to determine how this energy can be made useful. My conjecture… in weapons technology.

It falls under the category using what occurs in nature to ones advantage…

Of course, naturally, ABC executives in their infinite wisdom have cancelled once again one of the few shows that actually has something relevant to say….

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