December 31st : New Year’s Eve Predictions Show – 4 hour marathon


This was a great show.. fabulous guests and great info… We had 500+ listening live this afternoon.


George Green
Sean David Morton
Aaron McCollum
Eli James

Hackers shut down Zimbabwe sites in support of Wikileaks

Click here for the article

We are in an information war… What is at stake? The truth. We have a right to know.

New Years Eve 4 hour Radio Show Event

Dr. John Waterman and I are going to be doing a 4 hour radio show on PREDICTIONS this Friday (combining his show and my show) from 11am PST to 3pm. We will have several guests on during this time who will also be sharing their predictions for 2011 and reviewing the past year 2010 and what has and hasn’t happened.

Our guests include: George Green, Aaron McCollum and Sean David Morton… and maybe a few more.

DON’T MISS THIS EXCITING SHOW…. I regret to say this will be my final broadcast on Argusoog radio. I have sincerely enjoyed being part of this wonderful network but due to time constraints I am unable to manage 2 radio shows a week. I will continue to do the radio show on Wednesdays on American Freedom Radio from 7pm PST to 9pm and in time I hope to be able to stream the show on the Argusoog network as well. Thank you Hans and the team at Argusoog for a absolutely wonderful year of radio and for being so professional and providing such a great atmosphere to do my show.


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