Date: 29 November 2010 
Subject: Statement

Dear Kerry,
I couldn't help it – just had to write you an e-mail expressing this. Hopefully you will publish it on your website.

It is overdue time we averages put our heads out. We are in billions, and the elite only in thousands – so if they want to decapitate us all, we will notice (ref. Georgia Guidestones). If the elite must start decapitating us one by one we will roar and fight, talons and razorsharpened beaks, and they will simply not have the time to do it. I realize thats why other metods also will be used – and have been used for at least a couple of decades.

Most of us have in the last ten years on some collective level understood a kind of modus operandi has been going on in a bigger plot against us, and a bigger number of us has clearly grasped it the few last years. We have eyes – we can see. There is a scandinavian saying "Can't see the forest because the trees are obscuring the view". Well, we've had time to study the trees and do actually realize we are in the forest.

I believe we averages may very well only be a nuicance to the elite, but our intellectual and spiritual swords are battleready. If they do believe otherwise – we allready have the upper hand! 
We are not afraid anymore and tired of beeing underestimated and supressed. 
We do not appreciate lies!

We do not want wars
We do not want bloodspilling of any sort
We do not want to be sheepled and controlled
We do not want you to ruin the beauty of our planet
We do not want materialistic overload to keep us ignorantly busy
We do not want our food and water poisoned and derived of nutrients
We do not want our skies chemically "enhanced"
We do not want medicaments to keep us ill for profit

We do not want our environment surrounded with harmful electromagnetic pollution
We do not want to be set up against eachother for mere minor disagreements about religion
No thank you – we do not take the deal (and we are behind the wheel by the way)

What we all want is the truth and to live satisfied with the diversity of our brothers and sisters and do what we enjoy the most. So just do it!

Disclose all seecrets and give back what belongs to us – free energy & peace. It's really that very simple.
If the elite doesn't want to join what we're born to be – go elsewhere like Mercury. Blast your underground holes there and fraternize with the not so benevolent E.Ts there if they let you. No problem – then we forgive you!
We all deny you your futile efforts to make your backwards visions come to fruition.