October 26, 2010

Back from Egypt after a ridiculous series of events…

I was incredibly delayed and believe it or not they flew us to Moscow(!?) and made us wait on the tarmac due to problems with the bathrooms (and supposedly a sick passenger who was, they said ‘off-loaded’) and then after 3 hours said because the crew was going into overtime they had to fly us back to Dubai!! This was clearly a ruse. Outrageous. So they then flew us back to Dubai… and gave us vouchers for a local hotel and then flew us out the next day again at noon for LA. It’s like ground hog day. 

What I believe really happened is that they picked up arms or some other nefarious stuff and took it back to the “kingdom”.

There’s no other explanation.

Then in the morning they also gave us letters saying they will reimburse us for the flight or give us a free ticket… so many complained including me 🙂

Anyway, I met some wonderful new friends on the trip with Carmen Boulter and got 3 very good interviews… with Carmen Boulter, Hugh Newman and a marvelous healer Dr. J.