October 17, 2010

Quick update from Egypt. This is certainly a fascinating trip. We are seeing the wonderful temples and enjoying the cruise down the Nile. The group dynamics and the interesting past life recall associated with Amarna (site where Nefertiti and Aknaten created a new religion away from the old guard in Luxor did not end well). Going to the site at Amarna and seeing the destruction was quite shocking. From all appearances there was also a bomb released in this area after the time of the desecration of the temples. The ground was reduced to dust which only could be the result of a bomb. This must have occurred years later perhaps even in the 20th Century. One wonders what they were going to such pains to hide?

Egypt is filled with tourists, more than I have ever experienced in the 2 times I traveled here in the past. There is a tremendous amount of development and improvements in the temples and surrounding access which must come from an influx of money from somewhere. All of this point s to renewed interest in the pyramids and the message regarding ascension on all of the temples.

I ran into Hugh Newman and was able to catch a short interview on site on the plateau near the great pyramid one afternoon. He has been researching the grid lines and energy lines around the Earth.

more to come…