William Calder is a former market maker and U.S. marine.

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THE RIGHT TO ISSUE:  Reclaiming our inherent right to our Currency

There is wishful thinking that the Fed is gone and has been merged into the Treasury.  Not the case.
BUT the recent move has been very interesting.  The creation of “SPV’s” by the Fed skirts the lines of authority authorized under contract.  The Banksters are both brilliant and way beyond devious. 
There is no way the “Right to Issue” will be given up.  Giving up the authority to issue a “Medium of Accepted Exchange” is no different than one Monarch who surrenders to an invading Monarch.
Now with that stated, I must admit this move by the WH has advantages.  First, it allows the Treasury to move into the First Position on issued debt. Look at it this way; I am loaning you 10k on your business and am now in front of the SBA and the bank.  I get paid first or I take over.  
This answers the question; “How to enter through the front door peacefully and begin the possible process of returning the right to issue back to the people.”
There still is a long way to go here, but it appears the pieces on the board have evened out.  A stalemate with both sides winning is the best scenario.  
The Fed continues to exist, but only as the contracted agency processor of transactions.  In addition, authority is needed to prevent cycles of inflation and deflation.  There should be a cap on the amount of medium available for circulation in relation to the amount of debt issued by the treasury.  My recommendation is 1.5 of Medium to 1 of debt.  This would allow the Treasury to recall all debt and still have enough medium in circulation for commerce and industry to continue un-impeded.
As long as Trump is in the WH the lines are visible now.
So this is how we get 6 Trillion of the medium into circulation or available for circulation without accruing interest for years.  
Pretty cool, when you think about it.
The Fact the Bloomberg Info group allowed an opinion piece to divulge this has both upside and downside to the release of this data.  It will be interesting to see the parameters established for the markets on Monday Morning!  
Can’t wait, my popcorned is popped and buttered.
P.S. The article from Bloomberg is linked below.
“The Fed creates credit and extends it through its member institutions.”
Please give me a break, return the “Right to Issue” to the citizens and watch how fast the economy will grow, and most importantly, HOW my fellow citizens will be living together with each other without conflict. 
As long as we have trough feeders who think we must forfeit our labor rewards so they can live better than most, we will continue with our conflicts.  
Return the cornerstone of human existence to its rightful place…
William Calder

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