MIMI NELSON is my guest.  She talks about her contact and abduction experiences. She also talks about her experience with cults and various religious organizations.  See bio below.


Bio:    Mimi Nelson is an artist with a bachelor’s degree in fine art living in Vancouver. She was a gallery owner and worked in the film industry before her retirement. The question as to why was she chosen by these Alien beings as a contactee has been central to her investigations and research. Being a seeker of esoteric knowledge from an early age, she has studied many religions from Buddhism to the Kabala, the Tarot, Wicca, Goddess and other ancient mythologies and has been a member of the Rosicrucians and the Order of the Golden Dawn. Her work in sculpture and painting have always centered around spiritual themes in an effort to unveil the mysteries which so have affected her life. Her interest in Ufology comes from personal experience that has created a life long search for the truth. Mimi is also a teacher of languages and a translator and interpreter in Spanish and English. Now she is running a UFO group and still trying to get to the bottom of this crazy and fascinating topic.



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