With regard to the recent article by Robert David Steele entitled:

I feel it needs a bit more background on what really may be going on behind the latest weather disasters such as Hurricane Harvey in Houston and a predicted land fall of Irma.

While quoting Sorcha Faal it would be worthwhile to acknowledge that the tectonic weapons technology is also very much in the hands of the U.S. who uses it throughout the world and there is evidence China also has this…  Keep in mind that this type of retaliation will have its corresponding backlash.

And that again leaves a MOD type outcome.
While there may be some truth as you know in Sorcha’s comments, it is also true that we are seeing the mounting effects of weather wars and weather manipulation that has been going on for many years.
There is also reason to believe that growing sightings of a Nibiru or Planetoid and system as well as an interstellar cloud/nebula heading toward us said to be coming from perhaps the galactic center or black hole also known as Sagittarius A could also be responsible for the destructive weather some places are having.  This interstellar cloud could very well be artificially intelligent for example and/or be the mass ejection from the Galactic Center that astro-physicist Dr. Paul La Violette spoke about in his interview with Project Camelot several years ago.
Keep in mind that if you track weather like Dutchsinse you would see that storms such as Houston event (Harvey) could have been dispersed and redirected because we have the technology to do so.  So they let it happen.  We have to ask ourselves why.  And that may point to a number of things having more to do with internal U.S. politics and a war going on in our deep state/shadow government.  What is really going on in Houston area?  Is there an alien invasion component?  
In my latest interview with Captain Mark Richards he states that the evacuation of the Barrier islands off the coast of South Carolina (see this article) — Mark says the area was evacuated so the military and their Raptor allies could deal with a group of rogue aliens who came in through a portal opening in the area and started eating people off the beaches.  Sounds like some mad scifi movie but this is what he is saying in complete seriousness.

Feeding into a Russia vs. U.S. adversarial scenario is limited thinking and is often a misdirect from the real game at hand.

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