I interview Marcia Schafer regarding her new book SPIRCONOMICS.

About the author:
A sought after MBA intuitive consultant and award-winning author featured in magazines, radio, television and videos, Schafer has shared the global stage with astronauts, Pulitzer Prize winners and other notables, to bring audiences information from her special insights into other windows of reality. Founder of the groundbreaking firm Beyond Zebra(r), Marcia cheekily balances her time between teaching innovators how to become skilled humanitarian pioneers who set down the tracks to a better tomorrow and just answering life’s simple questions like what happens when we die, are aliens real and what does the cat really think about the dog.





How To Snatch Back The Future
Authored by Marcia Schafer
Edition: 1

Get ready for the ultimate reality show: the reshaping of tomorrow. If you want to influence the coming global stage, you need to know:
* How evolution is impacted by three layers of incarnating soul groups
* The four powerful agendas that are quietly pushing us toward a certain future
* Why tackling seven specific areas will accelerate a much needed social turnaround
* What to expect for major changes to the way man lives in communities
* How the world is unknowingly swayed by a new hidden force coming from deep space, and what it means to your future

It’s been a long wait since Schafer’s first award-winning book was keenly read in more than twenty-five countries. Back then she brought new information to questioning seekers by revealing her contact experiences with extraterrestrial life. Now, Marcia goes a step further to expose a hidden agenda behind it all: unique circumstances are presenting a brief window of time to build a peaceful worldwide society on Earth. But, first, we have to create change, and lots of it.

By using smart strategies and gentle elements of mysticism to respin the human wheel of fortune, mankind can build the ultimate civilization-but, first, the budding messengers of tomorrow have to crack the code they carry within. Spirconomics fuses a free-agent spirituality to the practical realities of economics, to inspire and prod a special group to better understand who they are and what they can accomplish.

If you want a better world and don’t know where to start, you need to read what Schafer reveals inside these pages.

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Spirconomics! New Release!

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