I will be attending the Sundance Film Festival from Jan 23 to the 26th.  If you have any special access to venues or opportunities for me to do an impromptu speaking event please let me know.  We will be spreading the word and raising awareness about Project Camelot to the alternative filmmakers, producers and directors in attendance.  We will also be networking to find potential investors to provide additional funding for expansion.  Please contact me if you have special access to Sundance events or interested individuals.


As part of this effort, Project Camelot is looking for screenplays that accurately reflect what is really going on in our world.  I am looking to package and produce a project that embodies inforamtion contained in the Project Camelot interviews specifically the secret space program, secret government and ET visitation.  Please contact me to inquire about submitting your screenplay for consideration.  Note:  do not send files without contacting me first and signing a standard release. 

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