According to this article, this meeting is now confirmed.


I am looking for donations and airline miles to get me over to the UK for this meeting and at the same time to once again attempt to interview Julian Assange.


For those who don’t want to use Paypal go here for other options.

For those who aren’t already aware I recommend watching the new documentary WE STEAL SECRETS that covers the history with Wikileaks and although flawed to some degree in its approach with respect to Assange it does cover the Bradley Manning story quite well.  What a tragedy.  

Apparently an ANNOTATED TRANSCRIPT of the film has been published by Wikileaks… posting rebuttals to the contents of the film.  Go here to read the article about this and go here for the transcript.  This ANNOTATED transcript is most helpful in correcting errors and omissions in the film.

At any rate I will be attempting to interview Julian Assange and at the same time attempt to cover the Bilderberg meeting.  

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Lastly, I will be interested in setting up a SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT in both London and Paris where I will go following the week in London.  I will plan to be in Paris from June Any locals in both cities who have access to venues or anyone who may want to get their stories out while I am there please do contact me at:

For more info about the Bilderberg meeting go here:


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