I just got back from the Super Soldier conference.  It was a fascinating weekend with a lot of excellent presentations and information.  

I had a great time and enjoyed meeting everyone and hearing their stories.  Apparently the PTB were totally paranoid about the word getting out so they shut off the internet connection in the conference room so in spite of the tech team’s efforts (Tommy Hansen and Dennis) there was no way they could Live Stream the event in spite of their plans to do so!

From what I understand they now plan to make the post conference streams available shortly as soon as they can get them uploaded to a streaming provider.  More on this as I hear it…

Meanwhile I got several intense and even slightly shocking interviews with supersoldiers and others that I will work to get out their as quickly as possible!

Please do support the work of all the speakers and Lorien Fenton and the team who put this excellent event on and purchase the stream once they make it available!  This is not to be missed!

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