According to this article, 14 State Governors have been served with letters threatening arrest over the exercise of their right to form State Defense Forces that report to those governors.  


If this is true it indicates growing unrest around the U.S. and actions being taken by various Governors in preparation to deal with the continued violations of our constitution by the Federal government.  

However, if the information contained in this Wikipedia listing is correct, the State Defense Forces are subject to be called into Federal service by order of the President.  That being the case, there is no real threat to Federal authority posed by such forces… at least overtly.  

Having a State Defense Force is apparently nothing new and in the following Wikipedia article, the various states with such forces are listed.

The article from “It Makes Sense Blog” states that the Patriot Act may have superseded prior legislation.  Yet, given the well known bias of that Act in favor of widening the powers of the Executive Branch of government it is unlikely to have altered the above reference to the ‘laws of the court’ mentioned here: “10 USC 332 – “Use of militia and armed forces to enforce Federal authority”…

So why would the President be sending letters threatening Governors with arrest, if State Defense Forces are common place and have been in operation for some time?  Without seeing the content of the so-called letters, it is impossible to determine what the purpose is behind writing them.  

It would be interesting to hear more about whether the State’s powers or the Federal government take precedence over the militias in the event of a “rebellion” by the state.

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