I hope everyone will get a chance to view the Awake & Aware conference footage on Time Travel & Other Worlds.  This is a real groundbreaking one-of-a-kind event that may not happen again for a long time.

Go here to purchase the extremely low priced speaker presentations.  This is phenomenal info!  awakeandaware2013.net/pay-per-view

Meanwhile, a few interesting points…

First of all, for those who weren’t paying attention, our Livestream PARTY at the Awake & Aware was supposed to go out over Sceptre Radio Network but instead their entire network was taken down due to attacks right before broadcast!  This is clear evidence that for whatever reason the PTB did not want our speakers and party goers to broadcast live!  

We did broadcast over the Camelot Livestream Channel but then that broadcast was deleted when the computer we were using CRASHED all of a sudden and we lost over 2 hours of interivews with the various speakers at the Party!  Bizarre.  All that is left of the party broadcast is 15 mins where I talk to Anthony Sanchez about the upcoming conference.

You can go here to view that:  livestream.com/projectcamelotlive/

In other news, my broadcast on Sceptre radio Friday night April 12th is well worth hearing.. especially the Beano Black section.  BeanoBlack is a whistleblower and many people simply don’t get how to LISTEN and pick up the choice info he distributes throughout his communication.  And yes, he is purposely confusing etc.  Understand people like him are trying to get info out to the people while at the same time staying ALIVE in the process.  Not easy.  I don’t know if the archive is ready yet but hopefully it will be posted here tomorrow.

Lastly, we had so much interference BEFORE the conference and then at the Party it was relatively smooth at the actual conference aside from some major problems getting the Broadcast out via simultaneous Pay-per-view which simply didn’t happen for unknown reasons.  I have now had to work all day and all night for a couple days uploading and waiting for the streaming  service to “encode” the files for viewing so that is why there has been a delay.  All is well now and it is available.  Next I will work on getting the DVDs out there.

One last item of interest.  While waiting for the company I am using to stream the conference footage, I found out that the last file, Arthur Neuman aka Henry Deacon was not being encoded because after uploading it and clicking encode, I found out the file I uploaded was wiped clean!  They said it was “corrupted” during upload and was only 2 mb in size.  But when I double-checked it before going to sleep it was over 1 GB.  So someone got in to that company server and messed with his file!  So, all the others were uploaded without a problem.  If you want to know which speaker had info NO ONE WANTS YOU TO KNOW.. you now know who to pay especially close attention to….

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