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Apparently, Obama is going to Israel exactly the same time as the coronation of the new Pope.  Biden is going to be attending the Coronation.  Which puts both out of the country (as rather unusal happening) usually avoided for security reasons according to this article:



(Reuters) – For security reasons, the U.S. president and vice president rarely venture abroad at the same time. But events next week may compel both Barack Obama and Joe Biden to be out of the country on the same day, at least for a matter of hours.

What is significant about this is that OBAMA is making a statement about who really RUNS THE PLANET… a cold slap in the face to the Vatican and its Reptilian overlords.. Obama is reporting to the Anunnaki Central Headquarters… probably underground at Dimona or nearby.

This is the point being made, in my view and it is highly symbolic.  

And as if that isn’t controversial enough we have this recent item of interest now circulating the net like wildfire:  

The folllowing announcement of this very trip by Obama on Youtube has captured attention around the net because of what appears to be an ET working as part of Obama’s security detail during the announcment.  He was filmed in the background… looking for all intents like either a “crypto-terrestrial” or in my view a Reptilian-Human Hybrid.

Anthony Sanchez has isolated a few frames from the video (which is legitimate–see links):



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