• A source has suggested that there exists a 5 minute video clip showing Shanghai in a parallel timeline.  We urge anyone who has a copy to release it either on Youtube or through Project Camelot to advance humanity's understanding of who we truly are… time travelers everyone.


  • Another source is saying there is a marked move into metals in the bond market..  Indicating many countries are seeking a 'safe haven' at this time.  This points to a period of increased instability financially and globally in other arenas as well.  The Pope's recent resignation is part of this…. Developing.  I am getting updated info regarding the resignation and should have something more on this soon.
  • The above mentioned move into metals is probably the result of the following:
  • Tom Heneghan is reporting according to his International Intel Report that:

 .."Chinese devaluation of its currency the Chinese yuan is imminent." www.myspace.com/tom_heneghan_intel/blog/546704196

He is also claiming..  "P.P.S. PROTOCOL UPDATE:  Final implementation of the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols remain imminent, as U.S. Treasury Secretary-designate Jack Lew continues to work directly with IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde to finalize the bilateral tax agreement between the IMF, Austrian banks and the U.S. Treasury that has been directly ordered by U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts.***

The above is also reported by Stew Webb on his site here:

SPECIAL NOTE;  Stew Webb will be my guest on this Friday, Feb 15th, on REVOLUTION RADIO AT 7PM.    Go to:  freedomslips.com    to listen live…

***Keeping in mind, this has been ongoing for quite a while now… months even, some might say, years.  And this is linked to the reval of the dinar.  Whether this happens and when has been the hot question of the past year (or more)… 

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