According to BBC News the Pope is resigning.

This is an interesting move.  The question is what is really going on within the Church and with the factions at war with each other to precipitate this.  What is coming that this man wants no part of?


I have been told that the next Pope is slated to be the last.  It may also be that the fall of the church is imminent and that the pedophilia scandal is going to be instrumental in taking it down.


I do know that the NWO has big plans for a “new” world religion….

I am actually wondering if the 3rd secret of Fatima has anything to do with his resignation.   A SOURCE is suggesting some connection with a coming CME from the sun as being related to this in some way…

Suffice to say, I do not believe he is retiring in order to ‘grow old gracefully in peace’….

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