greatpyramid inside

greatpyramid inside


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Back from Egypt after a truly fascinating and inspiring trip.  A few random notes on events:

We did several successful light meditations in various strategic locations in Egypt.  Not the least of which was inside the Great Pyramid.  

It is important to note (this just in from a source) that …”people in Giza reported that on the 21st “foreigners” escorted by government cars were allowed into the Great Pyramid.” 

Please tweet and facebook this fact.  

Note:  the Great Pyramid was closed to all visitors on the 21st, all except those the government escorted in that is.

It is highly significant (and predictable) that this would be the case.  Intense chemtrailing was noted both in the days leading up to the 21st as well as on the 21st and days following.  In fact, many in our group had multiple bouts of sickness during our time in Egypt (myself included).  In all the times I have never been this sick both stomach, intestinal as well as respiratory… I think one can safely say that the chemical concoction being sprayed all over Egypt but especially in Giza and Cairo is substantially different in content from whatever they are spraying in the U.S.  Food for thought as to what they are doing to the Egyptian people.

The pyramid was closed unexpectedly as reported on the 12th and limited on the 18th and 19th.

I can say that there is no doubt that the area was a heavy duty ‘strike point’ for incoming energies to the planet.  The influx was massive and at times difficult to deal with.  I had visions of a battle taking place within the Great Pyramid (and interdimensionally) between the darkside (who have held the energies there in their control for some time), and the light.  The battle being waged is not over.

Thank you to those light warriors who accompanied me to anchor the light there and around the planet during this important time.

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