Yes America is imploding… factions everywhere and the constitution and rule of law circumvented and violated first by those elected officials we put in office and of course the secret government who operates on a whole other set of protocols.

Meanwhile, of course all this is reflected in movies and tv… Case in point this new TV series “LAST RESORT” about a sub named “COLORADO”, its captain and his crew forced to go rogue when their own government decides to make them the fall guy in a false flag to start a war with Pakistan.  Interesting concept.  Worth watching.  What if?  

Well let’s just say there are portions of our military (to say nothing of States) facing this kind of decision daily as they watch their world of law and so-called order cascading down around them…


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And as art imitates life or the other way round… someone just sent me this:

Whereas travel warnings are not unusual, telling US citizens to “leave” an area is…

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