Two pieces Several pieces of intel from sources today…

I got a report today that “…Israel has now pushed the button and has special fighting forces inside syria and iran”…

So far most of the military base movement seems to be on the East Coast.

Update:  “Lots of activity at Ft. Lee… I haven’t seen so much activity since the Gulf war.”

Update 2 @ 11:15pm from another Source:

“Last weekend, a source went to a Gun Show in Eastern Tennessee. While there, he was talking to a friend who was with the National Guard. After a long conversation, this friend said that his Guard unit was being called up on August 15 to help deal with an imminent “Natural Disaster” and it was his understanding that this “natural disaster” would include a large tsunami hitting the East Coast.”


And another report “there is a lot of debris from the galactic plane hitting our atmosphere now..”  This could cause fireballs etc.


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