I am receiving the following from varied sources.  Make of it what you will…  Just be aware that this is a highly volatile time and the intel reflects that.

Banking update:

About 1 week ago the dinar was set to reval.  That didn’t happen.  According to sources the funds were in place and Wells Fargo was positioned to go ahead with this.   Still waiting for more info on this.

The bond purchasing is compounding away from the International Banking system at a rate that is hard to believe. Who ever is doing this has control of tens of trillions (If not more) and since I’ve never seen this before I have no idea what is really going on. It appears that a privately controlled entity is quietly absorbing World debt. Beyond belief! I’m monitoring. — an undisclosed source

War or undisclosed object event:

I am in a rush as we have received orders to prepare to STOP something. My comrade said this month, “a government” is planning to explode H-Bomb (You are correct, it is the level of H-Bomb) underwater, and several military operations will start if it triggers….  I am now heading to THE base. — from a source in the Far East

Note:  the above source has been called to the base before and nothing disastrous on a worldwide basis occurred.   From what I can gather, he is referring to the recent Project Camelot Ustream event with David E. Martin where he discusses his theory based on his own intel gathered from his software that there may be a false flag connected with the UUV (Unmade Underwater Vehicles).  At this time please simply add the above to whatever other information you are collecting and follow your intuition.

NSA whistleblower:

This witness who brought forth information re Colorado wild fires and large equipment (back on July 14th, has been ‘called away’)  We are waiting for further information.


Please note:  the above intel can neither be confirmed nor denied at this time.  

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