* You May Publish*****

* Extremely Unusual Banking Procedures.

* I’m very sorry to be writing you concerning this subject, however I feel I have to under these circumstances.

* I am not a light weight in this matter.

* I have confirmed contacts within BIS, ABN, Credit Swiss, UBS, HSBC, Bank Of London, and other high level Banks Worldwide to confirm my findings.

* The blocking of the current Rv Status is as follows.

* The Powers that Be (Powers That Were) are currently blocking the transfer of the revaluation of world currencies for the reasons to stop the transition of funds to the public.

* It is understood within this group, that if power (financing) were to be transferred to a private group, or individuals, would in fact be detrimental to it’s effects. Thus effective to our outcome.

* In essence. “This cannot be allowed”. (Quote from upper level Banking individual)

* End of Line. — From a Source

And from an email sent to me by a friend, the following info, which was posted somewhere, (not sure where because I don’t have his website), by Dick Eastman.  Posted with permission…

On Sat, Jun 30, 2012 at 5:16 PM, Dick Eastman wrote:
Iraq adopts competing currencies, one for each loop, beginning in 2013.
Parliamentary Finance Committee  member Hassan Salman,  has announced that a second currency, the new dinar,  will be floated, the new issue running along side the old money, will initiate as 1 for 1000 “redenominating” — new versus old,  within six months from now. This will bring the numeraire of the dinar close to the dollar, i.e., close to one for one following the decimal shift sizing of the new currency.   The Iraqi dinar is on a US dollar reserve system.  Four Private Banks are also demanding authorization to sell the US dollars at a fixed rate.  Pegging the dollar to 1,170 dinars from 1,116 has not been favorable.

What is not said is that the new currency will operate in Iraqs upper loop and the old currency in the lower loop.  After creation, the two currencies will be allowed to float against each other, an elite currency and a currency for paying labor.  Lenders will be able to specify which type of money must be used in the payment of interest and principal.  In all of Iraq there are less than 60 banks with fewer than 1000 branches total.  The new currency is aimed more at speculative buying of the dinar on the currency markets with easy installment buying (margin buying) available from select (monopoly) dealers and marketed through an affiliate of a holding company in Dubai.  They will effectively control the price of the new (private) Iraqi dinar.
Sinan Al Shabibi is the Governor of private Central Bank of Iraq that was created after the conquest and occupation of Iraw.  Whether Iraqis opt to convert their old dinars into new ones or not, the exchange rate between the two currencies of this two-tier national system will be held hostage the exchange and supply politics of this private and largely non-Iraqi owned central bank.
With all of the finance leaders of Iraq having been blown up or shot or disappeared over the years since the conquest of Iraq by the US (itself controlled by its Zionist financial elites) ….   read more

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