We have to warn the others, they are coming… – Walter, FRINGE (last episode) May 2012

The drones, terminator warfare is being rolled out before our eyes.   Click here to read more….

The fact is, the line up of Earth – Moon – Sun – Pleiades that was so dynamic on May 20, 2012 augers an agenda that puts the Moon in front of the Sun and the Pleiades behind the Sun.  The real message may not be the one of balance so often repeated lately.  Rather, with the Moon, symbolic of the dark side, the past, the number 9, the hooded ones, the occupiers, the mind control tower and more… interfering with the light of the sun.. a dark path was drawn. 

There is an age old war between the Draco and the Pleiades and the Solar eclipse signifies not peace but a stalemate in that war.  Where lines are drawn and Earth goes into Moon’s shadow.  

From here we move into the Light yes, but not without battling our way forward using the sword of truth.. cutting a path with that piercing through into the next world.

The Shasta stargate is interfered with.  The Telos need our help to maintain the light of the place.  They are holding the mountain strong.  This is the message that I received.   



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