January 28, 2011

Viva La Revolution!

Click here for coverage from Al Jazeera on the situation in Egypt. People have been hitting the streets demanding an end to Mubarak’s rule. He is supported by the U.S. government unfortunately. Mubarak is a virtual dictator and the oppression of the Egyptian people is well documented. Based on my trips to Egypt I can state that people in Egypt have been wanting a change in their government for a very long time.

This is specially crucial at this time as we near 2012. The clamp-down around Giza was obvious on my recent trip with Carmen Boulter. The military has become more and more repressive and the hidden hand of the U.S. guarding the finds underneath the plateau, the opening of the stargate and the energetic changes that are inevitable make for a growingly contentious atmosphere that is not likely to be abated by the superficial actions of Mubarak aimed at creating a facade of change over the growing unease within the country.


Highly recommended : An excellent 10 minutes with Rich Dolan — show this to any friends and family that are at all skeptical about the reality of ETs and UFOs….

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More Evidence of Haarp Killing Fish

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The strange light seen is indicative of a Haarp effect as described in my recent radio show interview with physicist, Brooks Agnew. Listen here