September 19, 2010

Recent Article by Tim Rifat on British Haarp in Cyprus

The following was sent to me by a longtime Camelot supporter. This is an excellent article by Tim Rifat, a talented researcher and magician.

Photo of Cyprus array – undisclosed source:


Upcoming book by Rich Dolan and Bryce Zabel : Life after Contact…

Rich Dolan is an old friend and his upcoming book seems to dovetail with the growing movement in the direction of Disclosure. Judging from his previous work, this will no doubt be a careful and considered overview of the whole dilemma involved in understanding what the world after disclosure of the ET presence would look like…

Click here to purchase this ground breaking book in advance.

Press Conference – hosted by Robert Salas and Robert Hastings

I encourage you to spread the word regarding an upcoming UFO-Nukes Connection Press Conference scheduled for September 27th at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.

According to the press release, “Former military men say UFOs have monitored and sometimes 
tampered with our nuclear weapons.”

Hosted by Robert Hastings and Robert Salas

I interviewed Robert Salas before the inception of Project Camelot and found him to be an excellent witness and truth teller about his experiences with the shut down of minutemen missles back in the 60s. Highly recommended.