June 2

Update on release of Parts 2 & 3 of A’shayana Deane

Parts two and three of the A’shayana Deane interview will be released sometime in the next few days. On YouTube, Part One has already gotten 31,495 views after just a few days…

Addendum to Duncan’s vision

I received the following communique today from a friend of a friend speaking for Duncan.

They wrote:

“…Due to an article on Before It’s News that posted your blog article, I had to add a paragraph since they were indicating that D was saying the earth’s rotation would stop. New text below:

Visions – Oil Spill and Earth Changes

We’ve been getting a lot of response from the vision Duncan had a few days ago relating directly to the BP Oil spill, volcanic eruptions, and general earth changes. The contents of his vision are posted over at Kerry Cassidy’s Blog at Project Camelot Productions. You can read about that vision [below] in her post of May 31.

There are two addenda to this topic that we wanted to add. The first is that Duncan also saw in this vision that the sinkholes that are becoming more and more prevalent around the world are also to be included as a result of the Earth losing its lubrication (oil). You can see a picture of the recent sinkhole in Guatemala HERE.

Secondly, Duncan describes a vision which he had over fifteen years ago while standing on the beach in Delaware. As often happens in his visions, his vision turns black and white and everything freezes. That is what happened this time and then he saw a new land mass rising out over the East Coast.

One more thing: Duncan did not see the Earth’s rotation stop completely or permanently. What he saw was the overheating (volcanoes) and friction (loss of the lubricating layer of oil) causing the mother of all rotational hiccups, the power of which would be so powerful as to result in a complete pole shift. He said he saw that after the pole shift, the Earth would continue to rotate, but obviously in a different rotational pattern than we have currently.

Duncan hastens to add a disclaimer on all his visions: These visions never give a timeline or a specific date. Also, as we create our future, timelines can change so whereas a vision can be accurate for one potential future, it may become irrelevant if we shift to a different timeline. These visions are not ever meant to be taken as fact and it is important that every person use their own intuition and instincts regarding any information of this kind. And he really really hopes he’s wrong about this.”

The above is not paraphrased but quoted as received..