April 2

Ashayana Deane – the interview

We had a very successful interview with Easha yesterday here in Sarasota, Florida where she is giving a workshop over the weekend. I went in thinking we would go for 1-2 hours and instead it lasted for around 7-8… a real marathon session. Great stuff. Very vital information for all the light warriors out there… The challenge will be to get it edited and out there in a timely manner. I have a backlog as you will know from my recent travels just before this to release as well. All it takes is time 🙂

Special thanks to Bob Osswald, a local resident, for backing me up on camera! He had no idea what he was getting into when he graciously volunteered to help!

Michael Schratt – the video ranking high on Youtube…

Apparently, according to the new global stats on Youtube, my Michael Schratt interview is doing very well under the science & technology category for global views… Cudos to Michael!