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  1. Cynthia A. Remington on

    Hi Kerry,
    I hope this small bit of information helps someone, but it is a major piece of the puzzle as to why people are being abducted by the Greys.

    As you know, there have been many occasions where our Elected Officials (such as Eisenhower), met with the Greys and other ETs. I understand, that Eisenhower, agreed to allow humans to be taken aboard craft for research purposes with a promise from the ETs that the human would be returned to the point of origin with their memories erased.

    Speaking from first hand knowledge when I was abducted, I challenged the ETs right to abduct me. They stated they had a contract to do so….this is a common rebuttal. They even went so far as to have me face what appeared to be a monitor with strange writing on it as proof of the contract. I stated no contract was valid if the person agreeing to the legitimacy of the contract could not read it. They then read it to me in the form of chirps, clicks and aquatic sounds. Again I stated, this was invalid since I did not speak their language. Therefore, the contract before was not valid.

    They kept saying they had a contract, but declined to state it was with our Government, but I already knew this and I closed by stating; All Elected Governmental Officials including Presidents had to swear an upon taking their Office to protect the people. If that Oath of Office was violated, all power to represent the people was lost making any subsequent contracts or negotiations null and void…I stated again, you have no contract. I won they lost, I left they actually stood there stunned.

    About contracts/promises with the Greys: If you do not state that it cannot be done, then it is assumed that it can be done. They think like an AI, you must be explicit. What is common sense to us, is a loop hole for them to utilize.

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