March 14, 2011

North Korea nears completion of Electromagnetic Pulse Bomb

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The situation in North Korea is highly unstable. In light of recent events it is unclear where this will go. However it is notable that the exercises were set to go on Sunday prior to the Honshu EQ.

Meditation to cool Japanese reactors

This youtube video may help the light warriors out there who feel so inclined in their work to heal the planet and cool the Japanese reactor. Please distribute if this resonates.

Last night I went to the sites of the devastation and saw it first hand. Many beings are awake and aware and helping to heal this situ.

News on possible Meltdowns

Washington Post breaking: click here

Radiation Awareness

A Camelot supporter sent the following:

“BUCKWHEAT (groats) help detoxify the body from radioactivity (a small cup should be used daily).
And even more important, it’s quite YANG (many people are way too yin and keep on eating too yin foods). 
Buckwheat rebuilds strength. 
If you try to eat buckwheat when you feel weak, you’ll regain strength.
Simple laws of the cosmos (yin/yang in foods).”

Added info:

Wheat grass juice

From another viewer:


More important news:

Japanese Volcano erupts… sends radiation into atmosphere

Japanese government now warns predicts yet more extreme earthquakes within three days (probability supposedly 70 percent!). 
Monster aftershocks in the coming days –power company warns of stark Power failure in Japan, total blackout.

Source / translated via google translator