March 13, 2011

South Africa – Group Photo with Megalithomania Speakers


Above: Klaus Dona, Hugh Newman, Kerry Cassidy, Andrew Collins, Graham Hancock, Antoine Gigal

click here to stream live event today (good for 2 weeks after purchase)

Miriam Delicado Urges All to Gather Heritage Seeds – Prevent Food Shortage

Click here for her video addressing this situation

Click here for the original Project Camelot interview with Miriam

Japan Assuming Melt Down Occurred

Nuclear Fall Ou Map from Stewart Swerdlow’s post of March

fallout map

click here for link from Rumor Mill News… please distribute

Note: one of the best remedies for nuclear fall-out is wheat grass juice… Highly recommended. It will clear your system of radiation poison. Also recommend as a preventative.

Fresh pineapple is also a great remedy for any flu or other illness.