February 11, 2011

Egypt and Zahi Hawass

While this whole situation in Egypt was unfolding, this article indicates Zahi Hawass was nominated to be a member of Mubarak’s cabinet as “Minister of Antiquities”. I suggest that this indicates that whereas, Hawass’ control is being extended his fate is not linked to the fate of Mubarak. This new title gives Hawass an even tighter control of the Giza Plateau and more.

Mubarak’s stepping down is likely at the demand of the U.S. who is not about to let the fate of this country go its own way. Hawass is an illuminati member in good standing and will probably be attending to the U.S. every demand in coming days. It is important to note that the Great Pyramid and its critical importance during these times as the planet moves into alignment with the Galactic Center is reason enough to assume that in whatever way necessary the military industrial complex will keep this area highly locked down and monitored as was already much in evidence on my last trip to Egypt. There is no doubt that the leylines and energetic connection of this area will factor in a primary way into the future of the planet and the opening of the natural stargates worldwide.

The Perils of Resistance

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Mubarak Steps Down!

article here


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