February 4, 2011

Video Streaming Online Help Needed

Please contact me if you have expertise using Livestream, Ustream, Justin.tv or any other online video for giving live conferences. We are unable to pay the subscription costs for Livestream but need a software capable of showing a desktop like Livestream’s Procaster, which allows use of the skype beta where we can show all speakers online simultaneously to allow for online video discussions.

I am planning a new conference on Earth Changes and we could use some expert consultation in this area for myself and my webmasters, Tommy and Steve.

Julian Assange Wikileaks Disclosures – re ufos etc

Click here for article This is most likely use of the controversial ‘reverse speech’ techniques…therefore unverifiable.

European Times Article – “Due to the fact that UFO and alien affairs fall within the absolute highest level of secrecy and security clearance it is hardly surprising that Julian Assange has chosen, as a safety measure, not to reveal such information.” click here for article

It sounds like Julian is trying to avoid becoming another Gary McKinnon… I want to interview Julian asap. Anyone with any direct access please contact me.


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