January 4, 2011

Update on The Rulers of the World : their response to my response

Although I have very little information to go on, I have been told via Bill, who was told via Charles that my long response entitled Fighting the Good Fight (see below) has upset some of the group that Charles represents.

It should be noted that everything I said is already in the public domain (for the most part) and has been reported by me elsewhere in presentations and if not by me than by our Camelot witnesses and sources. It would appear that there is some value there.

Regarding a major reshufflng going on within US gov

Apparently things are ‘heating up’ and of course it has to do with the devaluing of the dollar and the move to a One World Currency. Most people will already know the Soros video and statements in this regard so I won’t go into all of that. But I am hearing from various sources that this battle is reaching some crisis level although it’s almost impossible to make sense out of who is moving into power in the US and who is moving out.

One point of view says this shuffling is a drama to allow them to drop the dollar suddenly when they are actually more in favor of a slow drop…. during this year.