December 10, 2010

Camelot Radio : My guest today was Bill Ryan

In a totally impromptu happening I contacted Bill and he came on the show with me today. CLICK HEREfor the archived show.. We talked about all things Camelot, Wikileaks and Bill’s new whistleblower! We apologize to those who came with questions… we plan to do this again soon!

I was simulcasting on ( )– and we had over 70 people listening that way — this was a test in preparation for a coming ONLINE TELECONFERENCE ON DISCLOSURE coming on December 19th at 2pm PST with DAVID WILCOCK AND RICHARD HOALGLAND. Tickets go on sale soon! Don’t miss this groundbreaking event… one price only… it will not be reduced after the fact.


This 3 hour conference will be via password protected audio stream with a video component and call in number for questions.

We will talk about Disclosure of all kinds, how disclosure is rolling out, the latest evidence and secret testimony we have received and our take on where we are headed.

Advance ticket sales now available HERE.



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