November 24, 2010 – updated


Two items :

911 & Viktor Bont

How the Merchant of Death became the number one Fall Guy — don’t miss this interview with Dimitri Khalezov — not conducted by Project Camelot.

I have just learned that this interview was conducted byDANIEL ESTULIN. Click here for the written interviewUsed with permission from Dimitri Khalezov and my source.



Hit piece on Jim Humble airs on BBC – not yet verified

A Camelot supporter sent the following info:

“the bbc just aired a prime time hit peice on mms and jim humble which featured bill ryans interview on project camelot on you tube.. they did a close screen shot of bill aking jim if he could say it cures cancer.. they then went authorities find it difficult to track thgese “kind of” individuals down. it also featured scientists in lab coats saying mms is dangerous ect.”

Rubicon — TV show cancelled — NOT EVERY CONSPIRACY IS A THEORY

If you watch this show you will understand why it was cancelled. This is very very accurate. I am reposting the links to the show where you can watch all episodes for free. Please download and save if you have the capability. Thanks.

Here is a link to the article announcing cancellation.

Highly Recommended Series on Project Free TV – Rubicon

I highly recommend the series Rubicon – available on Project Free TV.


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