November 23, 2010

Movies : recommended

FAIR GAME- excellent playing now

INSIDE JOB – hard to find, haven’t yet seen this but I am told it is excellent. Articlle here.

Recommended TV :

The Resistance

See Episode 1 (in 2 parts)

Kurt Sonnenfeld fights Extradition : 911 Videographer

Kurt Sonnenfeld is a former high ranking FEMA official who was a videographer with 5 weeks unlimited access to ground zero after 911. He is on the run from the U.S. government who wants to get its hands on the likely incriminating footage that he never turned over at the end of his assignment. He has writen a book “El Perseguido” (Persecuted) that appears to only be available at this time in Spanish. Click here for the interview from by Thierry Meyssan

Additional info: article on Sonnenfeld’s case