July 31, 2010

Re: Wikileaks – Upswing in High Caliber Disclosures

We applaud the release of documents and the sudden upswing they are having in regard to new “high caliber disclosures” (according to this article on CNN), from insiders in the government. We wish to extend our invitation to Julian if he needs help with any such disclosures and encourage a collaboration of our sites in this battle to get the truth out.

To clarify, our specialty is dealing with whistleblowers and info coming from black projects with classification levels way beyond “top secret”.

Whistleblowers out there who have been holding back might seriously consider this an opportune time to come forward. Feel free to contact me at anytime atkerry@projectcamelot.org or at our secure mail address:projectcamelot@hushmail.com

Note on Status on Miriam’s Sister

Miriam would like to convey her heartfelt thank you to all those who have been sending healing energy to her sister. Juliana is definitely feeling the help being given and although she is still in critical condition. Please continue your efforts as you are moved to do so.