To: Friends of Camelot and Miriam Delicado

July 30, 2010 : Updated

To: Friends of Camelot and Miriam Delicado

Email addresses hidden to protect privacy.

ADDED NOTE: Her sister is in Dusseldorf, Germany… If anyone has the ability and desire to help please contact me or Miriam Delicado right away. Email addresses are below.

2nd Update:

Juliana is being kept overnight at the Hospital. She is feeling MUCH calmer and better in her energy however, the bursting blood vessels and spots are still all over her and are increasing. Spots appearing now all over her even on her tongue. Fever.

Please keep the healing energy flowing to her and the protection. She is accepting it and working on her end with the energy to keep it flowing.

Much gratitude for all your support. Please…… Keep working on this until we hear that she is well. 
Love Miriam

PLEASE POST ON YOUR SITES AND Join Us if you are moved to do so….

Please forward to anyone you know who is a healer.

Thank you.

Project Camelot

Begin forwarded message:

From: Miriam Delicado <>
Date: July 30, 2010 9:35:17 AM PDT
To: Kerry at Project Camelot <>
Subject: healing circle


PLEASE Send healing to Juliana, Miriam Delicado’s sister who is traveling in Europe.

She has been taken ill suddenly with very drastic symptoms.

Allow her body fever to go down, her blood to flow normally and her inner organs to be in balance.

Allow all her body to be in normal flow and balance NOW.

Send your guides, healers and blessings to her and her fragile young daughter whom she is traveling with.

Allow for her safety and remove any dark energies that may be around her.

Surround Juliana, Miriam Delicados sister to be healed and protected in this moment.

Give all gratitude back in this moment as it is urgent that this be done in this moment and continues until we hear that she is healed.

WE can do this….. I ask from my heart for your help. From my heart, from my soul, from my being I send you back blessings.

Love and gratitude, Miriam

Sent by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot

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