July 26, 2010

On Phobos, The Moon and other artificial satellites

Clearly the case for Phobos being in essence a “ship” as Hoagland refers to it, in his article on Enterprise Mission currently garnering so much controversy, is a good one. On top of that will come, no doubt, the revelation that our moon, is also one. Hoagland is positing that disclosure will take place safely off-planet, by NASA revealing the stunning existence of inner Phobos and the unavoidable recognition that, as he writes…

“With this as documented history, try to imagine the economic impact of “definitive, documented, official proof” that “there once existed a vast, incredibly advanced, solar system-wide ET civilization ….”

And — “one of its surviving ships is actually what we used to think of as a ‘moon’ … a moon of Mars.”

This is and has always been Hoagland’s pet premise. That an “incredibly advanced, solar-system wide ET civilization” existed sometime in the far distant past and has left their imprint on Mars. Of course, he is referring to the Anunnaki.

What he doesn’t talk about is the link to the BP oil spill and Mars as he mentioned to me recently. While he would not elaborate on that tantalizing statement… with the knowledge that I have, you could say arrived at intuitively, or simply been “given” this leads in an interesting direction.

As I stated back a few months ago now, the BP oil spill is covering the rising of the sea floor and the inevitable revealing of the ruins of Atlantis. Recently, I mentioned this to Dr. Bill Deagle while he was my guest on my Friday radio show, and he immediately agreed with me!

With this in mind, Hoagland’s recent statement with regard to the BP intentional oil spill in the Gulf makes sense. What are they hiding underneath the oil? What don’t they want the world to discover before they decide you have a right to know? Atlantis is real. And, everything you have been taught about history is wrong…

And this all leads to the links between the artificial satellites, or beacons like Moon and Phobos and who knows how many other “ships” disguised as planetoids and moons are circling us within and without our solar system. Because, ultimately, that “incredibly advanced, solar-system wide ET civilization”, it will be revealed, was here, on Earth and Atlantis is irrefutable evidence of their presence…

When Hoagland decides to really reveal all he knows, we will very likely hear him echoing Bob Dean, when he told us that the Anunnaki were “walking the halls of the Pentagon”. That brings it all a bit closer to home.

It is not merely ancient civilizations now is it? They are here. And they are here, now.


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