April 29

Seven Days in May

I have another source who has been talking about the book, written in the 60's called Seven Days in May. The plot is in essence that senior military officers plot a coup to overthrow the government.

A quote from the movie of the same name, "The bet is that there are members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who are involved in treason. We know who they are, we know the essence of the plan. Now from you, Admiral, I want a signed statement indicating at what moment you first heard of this operation and your complicity in this entire matter."

Now, this source says the real clues to what is slated for May are in the book and not the movie. But at the moment this is all I could find until I buy the book and read it.

Meanwhile, a year ago the following article appeared suggesting this scenario could be in the works for Obama back then. This was Robert Parry's article callled, "Obama's Seven Days in May, Moment".

With little to go on, and from what I can make of all this, May, is slated to be a difficult month for Obama, at any rate.