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CAMELOT TV  formerly known as whistleblower radio





I will be the guest on the HIGHERSIDE CHAT AT 11AM PT with host, GREG CARLWOOD:


Wednesday, January 14, 2015 

I will interview KHARTIKA GOE  regarding her new book on MULTIDIMENSIONAL TRAVEL



BIO:  Khartika Goe is the author of the eclectic book "The Multidimensional Traveler: Finding Togetherness.” Ms. Goe completed her undergraduate degree at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2011. She pursued graduate studies at Columbia University in the City of New York before embarking on her research of the metaphysical dimensions. Ms. Goe has travelled extensively throughout the world and has been successful in capturing other dimensional beings and planes of existence on film. Many prominent esoteric authors and researchers have used her accounts and photos for their own research in the multidimensional realms.

After five years of assisting various metaphysical researchers, she finally came public with her own accounts in her groundbreaking article, “Adventures in Alternative Realities,” which was published in sixteen languages and sold in over thirty countries by Nexus Magazine (April/May 2013). Ms. Goe is one of the youngest authors to be featured in Nexus Magazine; her first publication generated over two hundred emails from interested readers, leading her to hold short courses. Following her article, she has also been contacted by documentary filmmakers hoping to use her accounts for future projects. Ms. Goe has evolved from a rigorous academic background into ardently writing and lecturing on the unknown and the mysteries of the universe. Her current work focuses on assisting children with physical and developmental disorders in the development of their energetic abilities.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 15, 2015 at 7PM Pacific time  - (11 AM in Hong Kong on Jan 16th due to time difference)


I met Philip while on a speaking tour in Hong Kong and appeared on his TV show.  He is a delightful talk show host and very knowledgeable about the UFO and conspiracy scene.




Wednesday, January 7, 2015, I was the guest on the MIKE HARRIS SHOW at 11AM PT to 1PM on Revolution Radio: 

Waiting for archived show...



Completed Broadcast will be on Youtube soon!


Interviewed on the CAMELOT TV CHANNEL:



Investigator of historical occult mysteries, author of pulp fiction novels and a screenwriter.

After nineteen years in national security, Walter Bosley is a licensed private investigator in California where he also runs his small press publishing company, Lost Continent Library, founded in 2002. Bosley has traveled much of the world, both on the job and off, including trips through Mexico and South America with David Hatcher Childress whose WEX Magazine has published articles by Bosley.

Walter Bosley was born in San Diego, California, and attended SDSU where he earned a B.A. in Journalism. He has been employed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, is an inactive reserve officer in the US Air Force for which he served as a Special Agent of the AFOSI while on active duty, and worked as a counterterrorism consultant for six years following military service. 

Bosley spends his time writing fiction and non-fiction, as well as investigating strange mysteries, in between PI assignments. The latest news about Bosley's projects can be found at the following blogs: &


WhistleBlower Radio

WhistleBlower Radio

Project Camelot Portal, Official Website.
Kerry Lynn Cassidy on Whistle Blower Radio
Getting the Truth out!

KERRY does interviews at the Bases Conf

 Kerry does interviews at the Bases Conf


Kerry was LIVE on Sarah Goodley's radio show (SEE BELOW) with BEN EMLYN-JONES who is co-hosting for the first hour and then Kerry is LIVE ON REVOLUTION RADIO with a group of guest speakers from the Miles Johnston 1st Annual BASES CONFERENCE.

Kerry interviews MARY RODWELL, SARAH GOODLEY, BEN EMLYN-JONES and KIERAN a super soldier with MRI evidence of implanted wiring and chips....

This was a three hour tour de force and fascinating discussion all around.

Kerry Cassidy
Project Camelot
AUGUST 8, 2014


Thursday, 14 August 2014

Robin Hemmings and Mike Harris

1st Hour - Robin Hemmings, Zero-Point Breathing

2nd Hour - Mike Harris - Radio talk Show Host


Robin Hemmings:


 ..."But what is of real significance to us here, is the power that the torus model represents. It is the power of the universe, but it is also within us. By practicing ZPB we are activating the balancing and self-correcting forces of this power. By doing this, we will not only reduce sensations of fear caused by incoherent bodily systems and irrational and rational over-thinking, but we will also be preparing and empowering ourselves ready to experience truly positive feelings thoughts and emotions. This happens when we activate the power of the torus field in and around us by doing ZPB. We will then be encouraging coherence in all our bodily systems."-- Excerpted from Robin's ebook: Don't Face Your Fears

Dolphins Blowing Rings

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

David Mathisen and Paul David Rosenberg







In Honor of the Rose and the Sword of a Once and Future King

Whether it be Moses, Muhammad, Buddha or Jesus each and all are great Kings of Truth that were the Rockstars of their time before humanity knew just how much dedication, discipline, talent and truth it takes to become a bona fide Rockstar. 


In the same way we all love and cherish the Beatles as a Group whether it be Paul, John, George or Ringo the Kings of Truth form their own Harmonic Sacred Symphony that together must be respected, admired and adored equally for the collective Light ignited and Souls saved throughout the tumultuous and treacherous times our species has survived on Planet Earth.


For a True King loves everyone and everybody loves a True King because a King’s Rose is also his royal seal and unbreakable promise that he will love and trust everyone so everyone is free to love and trust him back.  A True King can only be defamed and slandered by others who can never be loved or trusted as much as a True King.


In the hand that does not hold the King’s Rose is the King’s Sword.  For any King with a Rose and no Sword is surely a dead King.  However, far worse is one who claims to be a King with only a Sword for that impostor is surely a killer.  By divine design built into the myth and legend of how every King claims his Crown are the struggles that teach him the delicate balance between the Miracles of his Rose vs. the Might of his Sword. 


  A True King can never be beaten in battle even once because he must be the very Best to defeat all evildoers and enemies that come between his Divine Destiny and beloved Royal Subjects.  A True King can only be betrayed in the foulest way by being stabbed from behind by a trusted member of his inner sanctum who has Vowed under oath to defend the King’s life with their own.


A True King never looks to start a war or even one battle, only another opportunity to improve upon his previous legacy and scorecard by taking on greater challenges and manifesting more bounty and glory that capture the hearts, minds and spirits of every creature, family and realm of his cherished Domain and treasured Kingdom. 


These are the basic rules of what takes for a man to one day prove himself a True King and it is purely theoretical.  In chaotic and confusing times like these no man would ever wish or even think of becoming King for surely he would be falsely accused and locked up for crimes never committed or phony illnesses concocted to dismiss the lucid depth, wisdom and honesty displayed beyond all others in these toxic, corrupt and truly insane “modern times.”


However, nothing and no one can stop a True King from overcoming every challenge faced and against all odds victoriously coming forth to claim his Heaven sent and uniquely Chosen Crown of Truth. 


In humble service to all the Glorious, Brave and Noble Kings and Queens of the Past, Present and Future..




Era - Hymne (Templar Oath)



Era - Hymne (Templar Oath)


Era - Hymne (Templar Oath)


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Era - Hymne (Templar Oath)


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It's time to fly!


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12/12/12 The First Official Day Of The Rest Of All TIme!


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GEMATRIA!!-12D/The SOULographic Principle


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GEMATRIA!! Part 1 - The SOULographic Principle


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Paul Rosenberg's Slide Show Gematria!! Bio


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Happy Independence Day from Steve Jobs, Albert Eins...

GEMATRIA!!-12D/The Soulographic Principle is a bold new evolutionary spiritual science breakthrough which unravels the mysteries of conscious...


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We are 1 - Missing Answers About God Revealed - GE...

Dates, times, numbers and symbols play a much bigger role in solving the mysteries of man, God and the universe than ever imagined...


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Social Media


Facebook goSOULfirst group


Linkedin goOSOULfirst group


Paul David Rosenberg


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Kerry and Keith Hunter open lines

Kerry on the road to interview Mark Richards.  

She was joined in the 2nd hour by KEITH HUNTER, an excellent researcher and author...


Friday, 11 July 2014

Doc Barham and Mario Hostios

Doc Barham & Mario Hostios



Doc Barham is a transformation expert, coach, consultant, and speaker. Over the last 15 years, Doc has established a global reputation as a cutting edge change expert and coach for many of the world’s most exceptional individuals and organizations.

He is a coach, trained in NLP, neurofeedback and biofeedback. He is certified as a hypnotherapist, a one-on-one trainer for The Institute of Heartmath, an outreach trainer for The Monroe Institute, and a Reiki practitioner.

Doc’s writings and transformational work have recently been featured in The Los Angeles Times, Fast Company, Psychology Today, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, and on PBS.

His list of clientele includes CEOs, professional athletes, entertainment celebrities, and many more.

Get your personal consultation here.



Mario Hostios has over 25 years experience in the field of fitness and holistic health. He holds certifications from the RKC, FMS, Chek Institute, and many others. Unique and different from others in his field; Mario’s consistent message and method of hormone optimization and restoring bio-mechanics guarantees life changing, transformational results for his clients! And yes, it works for both men & women!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Miles Johnston and Mike Harris

1st Hr:  Miles Johnston 2nd hr Mike Harris


Miles Johnston Bio:

Mike Harris


Friday, 13 June 2014

Denise David Williams 2nd hr / Kerry 1st hr

KERRY updates, and Malta trip 1st hour



Click on pic to donate to get this movie made!


Denise David Williams - (short) BIO

After attending USC graduate school in film, Denise David Williams’ first job in the Hollywood was working on E.T. and Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Ms. Williams served as a Story Editor and Director of Creative Affairs at several companies including 20th Century Fox, IndieProd and Arkoff International, where she worked with some of the best writers and directors in Hollywood. Ms. Williams was Vice President of Kopelson Entertainment when the company produced “Platoon”, which won an Academy Award for Best Picture.

Ms. Williams formed her own production company, MakeMagic Productions, whose mission is to produce highly entertaining films with global appeal. MakeMagic produced the industry hit, My Dinner With Ovitz, which 

Variety called "Charming!" and Universal chief Ron Meyer and David Geffen called "brilliant". 

Ms. Williams and MakeMagic Productions were granted Life Rights by the Mack family to make a major motion picture about Dr. John Mack, the esteemed Harvard Psychiatry professor and Pulitzer Prize-winning author whose work with alien abductees caused a headline-making battle with Harvard and cost him nearly everything.

Another project, A Good American, the autobiographical story of a family torn apart by religious conflict, was originally sold and developed as a film, and is currently being adapted for stage.

Friday, 06 June 2014

Canadian Modern Knowledge Tour with Rich Dolan, Michael Tellinger, David Whitehead, Eliza Knockwood

Canadian Modern Knowledge Tour with Rich Dolan, Michael Tellinger, David Whitehead, Eliza Knockwood


Michael Tellinger:

Richard Dolan:

David Whitehead and Eliza Knockwood 

Bios here:

Bio:  Elza Knockwood


Our Montreal and Ottawa itineraries can be found at these links



Friday, 30 May 2014

Sterling Allan - Free Energy w/co-host Matt Pulver




Best link for news:

Best link for top energies:

Sterling D. Allan

Founder and CEO of PES Network, Inc. and the New Energy Congress, and founder of the New Energy Systems Trust (NEST). 

Since May, 2002, Sterling Allan has been running the best exotic free energy technology news, directory, and networking service worldwide.

Sterling is the primary driving force behind,  and most recently

Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network, of which he is CEO, is the premier news, directory, and networking service whose mission is to find and facilitate the best exotic free energy technologies. In May, 2012, Sterling founded the New Energy Systems Trust to help bring these technologies to market.

PES is aided by the New Energy Congress, which Sterling founded in 2005 as an association of energy professionals from around the world who review the most promising claims to existing and up-and-coming breakthrough energy technologies that are clean, renewable, affordable, reliable, easy to implement, safe, and legitimate. From this ongoing review, they generated aTop 100 Clean Energy Technologies listing.  More recently, they shifted their focus to "exotic" modalities, emphasizing the Top 5.  They also endeavor to facilitate the emergence of some of the more promising exotic technologies into the marketplace.  

Sterling has made the term "free energy" more acceptable by relating it to solar, wind, geothermal, and other well-understood technologies; while also making the more exotic approaches not seem so crazy. 

Prior to his focused involvement in free energy over the past eight years, Sterling was an activist in promoting principles of freedom and defending them against forces conspiring to establish world tyranny. For example, he spearheaded the "Draft Ron Paul for President in 2004" signature campaign. When Paul declined, Sterling threw his own hat in that ring. 

He is presently involved in launching an intentional community, Safe Haven Villages, featuring sustainable building and growing methods and utilizing renewable energy. Sterling's graduate studies at BYU and the University of Arizona were inBioelectrochemisty, studying the interaction between external electrical stimuli and physiological systems.

Sterling is the founder of a dozen-plus organizations whose functions range from preparedness and alternative religious andpolitical thinking; to defining, teaching and researching better ways to live as a society. He has proven experience in creating, managing and sustaining organizations, as well as in using websites as a way to teach, publish and disseminate information.

He is frequently invited to speak on radio shows and at conferences.

Recent PESN  by Sterling

Published at (Pure Energy Systems News). For the most current listing see this link

Most of the recent posts are indexed at and


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Michael Schratt


Michael Schratt is an aviation historian. As a cutting-edge researcher into classified projects and unidentified craft he has met with and interviewed numerous scientists and aerospace engineers, pilots and executives from NASA and the defense industry. He investigates clues to planes that have been documented as having been flown by military from within both secret and top secret programs. He firmly believes that American tax-payers have every right to know where our money is being spent. Many of the craft he has documented are being funded within black projects. And he states that billions are being spent today on these craft. Some will only be flown once.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Paladin : white hat and Mike Harris




Don't miss the Paladin latest guest blog item:

This is the back story behind what went on when the White Hats stopped publishing just as they were about to reveal the companies and names for the money trail behind the black projects.  

A must read!


(Researched and documented by the White Hats and their members.  See Paladin's post above for more info on this.)

Tuesday, 06 May 2014

Art Campbell - UFOs



Art Campbell has been interested in UFO research since the 1950's. He was an early NICAP investigator and Chairman of a NICAP chapter in Kansas City, MO. He is a retired teacher and school administrator, a Navy veteran, and a published author of the Pacific Northwest. In 1994, with a map from a rancher, he visited a UFO crash site on The Plains of San Augustan. He found a phenomenal amount of material and had it scientifically analyzed. In his book, Finding The UFO Crash at San Augustin, Art has painstakingly documented with over 100 photographs and lab analysis the materials found at the site. Art has lectured for many UFO groups and has been a featured guest on many radio shows.
1980 to 2005
• Art Campbell is a published author from the northwest USA. His work has covered primarily pioneer history. Before retirement he served as a teacher, coach and high school principal.
• Mr. Campbell's writing has been fetured in a regional historical quarterly. He has two published books - "The John Day Drift and Historical Guide" and "Antelope: Saga of a Western Town." These have been endorsed by the state's leading newspaper, the Oregonian. Some of his work has been translated into talking books and into braille.
1994 to Present
• His latest book is an entirely different work entitled, "Finding The UFO Crash at San Augustin". This project concerns a probable UFO crash in July 1947, 165 miles west of Roswell, New Mexico. A rancher gave Mr. Campbell a hand-drawn map showing an area on his property where a UFO had reportedly crashed. In 1995, Art found what he believes to be this site.
Background - 1958, 1959
• Mr. Campbell worked with Donald E. Keyhoe, the founder of the well-known early UFO organization known as NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena.) Art also was founder of a midwest NICAP group and a NICAP investigator in those years.
• He made a contact with ex-president Truman in the spring of 1958 at the Truman Library in Independence, Missouri.
• Art also conducted an investigation of a contact claim by George Adamski for NICAP. Adamski visited the Kansas City area in 1958, claiming he had been whisked to Davenport, Iowa from the Kansas City train yards. Campbell's subsequent investigation proved that the train had not stopped as Adamski claimed.
1994 to 2005
• While doing numerous archaeological digs at the site on the Plains of San Augustin, Campbell found many items which are as follows:
• An artifical 3-layered container about the size of a human fist, believed to be some kind of an artificial body organ.
• Seven kinds of unusual foil containing high levels of silicon, iron and manganese (unknown to the foil industry.)
• Some strange wax material which may have been some kind of an insulation coating inside the UFO
• Also found of a similar material was the remains of a small structural member (possibly a tiny I-beam)
• Two shoe soles of different sizes of an extremely narrow width. Art's book goes into great detail with photographs and analyses of these shoe soles.
Art also has gone into great depth concerning the lives of the people connected to this event. He feels that the reader will get a better handle on the UFO crash details if the reader gets to know individuals involved. Art has spoken to many groups in the U.S., including:
• The Bay UFO Conference
The Laughlin Conference
The Retrievals Conference in Las Vegas
Various MUFON groups
Also, radio and television interviews
Here is what has been said concerning Art's book and his presentations:
• "We would recommend Art's talk to any serious UFO group. The scientific analysis, his video and photographs are great." San Joe MUFON
• "There is no doubt that something crashed at this site...the Plains of San Augustin back in 1947." Art Bell Show, George Noory
• "Art Campbell has done an incredible job of researching the recovery of a crashed flying saucer in the Plains of San Augustin in NM at about the same time as the Roswell crash. He has an exciting story to tell. I highly recommend him and his program." Stanton T. Friedman, Nuclear Physicist

• "After initial review the book seems superbly researched and includes a lot of important new information." Timothy Good, noted United Kindom author.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Mike Harris and Anthony Sanchez - 2nd hour






Anthony F. Sanchez 
“Anthony is the first Investigative Researhcer to 'ever' find U.S. Government Property atop the Archuleta Mesa (Dulce, NM), on what is soveriegn land belonging to the Jicarilla Apache nation, not the U.S. Government or Military. This is a clear indication that something is happening in Dulce.” 


Anthony F. Sanchez received his BSc. in Computer Information Systems from Western Governors University of Salt Lake City, UT. In addition to being a Software Consultant for the State of California through his own company, Anthony has been employed for 16 years as a Software Engineer working for 3Com, Intel, Acer, Netscape Communications, and Hewlett Packard performing high level software development supporting scientific engineering and business intelligence projects. 

He became interested in UFOs back in 1989, at the time Area 51 surfaced as a public phenomenon. Since 2000 he has researched the subject matter thoroughly employing various scientific methods and hands on approaches, thus compiling over 20 years worth of UFO related research data. 

For the purposes of augmenting his knowledge on Human Origins, Anthony has also studied in detail, ancient Hebrew religious texts such as the Old Testament Bible, and gospels from the the Dead Sea Scrolls such as the 'book of Giants', and 'book of Enoch'. He has also studied famous Sumerian-Babylonian translations such as the Enuma Elish, and the Atra-Hasis as well as numerous Akkadian Mesopotamian cylinder seals and Akkadian cuneiform inscriptions. 

In the media, Anthony has appeared on: 
National/Int'l Radio, Syndicated Podcast

  • The Jerry Pippin Show (US)
  • Veritas Radio w/ Mel Fabregas (US)
  • American Freedom Radio w/ Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot)
  • The Paracast w/ Gene Steinberg (US)
  • OpenMinds.TV w/ Michael Schratt (US)
  • Coast to Coast AM w/ George Noory (US)
  • Red Ice Creations w/ Henrik Palmgren (Europe)
  • The Kevin Smith Show (INDIE 104, Los Angeles CA)
  • UFONAUT RADIO w/ Jesse Randolph (KPAM 680, Portland OR)
  • The Quantum Leap w/ Bob Oliver (KRXA 540, Monterey CA)
  • ...and many others

Each year he is a regular visitor to the deserts of the American Southwest, visiting crash sites conducting interviews, and performing scientific field work. His most recent interviews include the likes of fellow investigative UFO researchers, Norio Hayakawa, and Joerg Arnu. His work represents an unbiased and impartial reporting style ensuring he uncovers every aspect of every story. 

Anthony F. Sanchez is a citizen of the U.S. and lives in Northern California. 

You can send email to Anthony at 



Mike Harris 
The Short End Of The Stick
M-F 1-3pm Pacific (Listen)

Mike Harris spent 20 years in China and Russia and the Far East working on mergers acquisitions, specializing in technology development and transfers. He has managed projects as simple as power plants and as complex as the Pershing 2 missile. He is currently with Swiss based Adamus group, and serves on project team for the next generation $1.6 trillion dollar hyper collider. Mike is a lifelong Republican, and former candidate for governor of AZ, Mike also served as Republican Party Finance Chairman. Mike Supported Ron Paul for the 2012 primary campaign.

Thursday, 03 April 2014

Tony Z - Free Energy - 1st hour





Tony z: ony "Z" (Of the family Kilvert) an inventor and "Non Lethal Weapons Systems" pioneer, has worked with government organisations from the UK/HOSDB/DERA/USA and many other "Alphabet Agencies" on systems used by law enforcement and military to "enforce control" of certain "specific" requirements. Tony was involved with many meeting with these officials and slowly learned just what was behind their "intentions" and where the directions of their actions were leading. Tony, the author of (Blueprints Of Cosmic Consciousness) learned just how endless this rabbit-hole goes but the kicker is there is no end to this. Tony shares his knowledge after endless depths of research and the truth that lies behind these with a shocking twist. From Psychic skills to who are you and what are you doing here? Again the deeper we look the deeper we need to go to get a "grip" on what IS real and what is NOT. Were preparing for a whole new world on this and other levels. No holds barred interview which will rip the vale away with brutal honestly. Are you in or out but either way its real, like it or not. Much more to come...

Thursday, 03 April 2014

John Draper : Crunchman




  • Mr. Draper developed one of the first word-processing programs as well as the technology that made possible voice-activated telephone menus.
  • Mr. Draper is well known in the computer world. “He was the king of the nerds,” says Allan Lundell, who runs an independent film company and has chronicled the evolution of Silicon Valley.

  • Draper learned how to make free calls by imitating the tones used by the phone company. He learned from other “phone phreaks” — as the hackers called themselves — including blind teenagers with near-perfect pitch.Mr. Draper learned that a toy whistle found in a cereal box would also imitate the required tones, earning him the nickname Cap’n Crunch.The point was not just to make free calls but to explore and learn from the phone company’s rich and complicated system. On one occasion, Mr. Draper says he learned the code word needed to speak with the president — “Olympus” — and got through to someone on a secure line he thought was President Nixon. Mr. Draper says he told the man about a toilet-paper shortage in Los Angeles.
  • The Esquire article also caught the attention of Steve Wozniak, an eventual Apple co-founder, who invited Mr. Draper to his dorm room at the University of California at Berkeley. When Mr. Draper appeared that evening, Mr. Wozniak, then 21, was taken aback by his guest’s appearance and odor, Mr. Wozniak wrote in his recent autobiography. Are you Cap’n Crunch?” Mr. Wozniak asked in disbelief, according to the book. I am he,” Mr. Draper responded as he strode into the room.Mr. Draper showed Mr. Wozniak and a friend, Mr. Jobs, how to build a device that could produce telephone tones. The pair turned the knowledge into a small business on the Berkeley campus, their first collaboration before founding Apple a few years later.Mr. Wozniak employed Mr. Draper at Apple, where as a contractor in 1977 he designed a device that could immediately identify phone signals and lines — such as ones that made free calls — something modems were not able to do for a decade. The technology would later be used for tone-activated calling menus, voice mail and other purposes.
  • Draper wrote EasyWriter, the first word processor for the Apple II, in 1978. According to The Wall Street Journal, he hand-wrote the code while serving nights in the Alameda County Jail, then entered the code later into a computer.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Derrel Sims - Alien Hunter

Derrel Sims - The Alien Hunter


Researcher / Counselor / International Speaker / Private Investigator / Reality TV Star


Derrel Sims, the Alien Hunter, is the world's leading expert on alien abductions. His 38+ years of field research has focused on physical evidence, and led to his groundbreaking discoveries of alien implants and alien fluorescence. As a former military police officer and CIA operative, Sims has a unique insight to the alien organization which he believes functions similarly to an intelligence agency. Sims is also a compassionate and skilled therapist who has helped hundreds of alien experiencers all over the world come to terms with what they've witnessed.

UFO Career highlights:

  • Discovered the alien implant phenomenon and pioneered research protocols; orchestrated first public surgeries and testing of alleged implants from the human body (1995).   Has performed over 24 surgican procedures so far to help abductees.
  • Discovered phenomenon of "alien fluorescence," indelible sub-dermal traces and patterns that often follow alien/human contact. (1992)
  • Has in his possession largest collection of physical evidence of alien/human contact including skin samples, DNA samples, XRays/MRIs, sonograms, objects with possible forensic traces (glass, wall, etc.), anomalous implants/artifacts expelled from the human body and surgically removed.
  • Pioneered revolutionary hypnotherapy techniques for reaching beneath screen memories—some as much as 3 layers deep.
  • First abduction researcher to initiate reaction from alien species via post-hypnotic suggestions installed behind the abductee's subconscious
  • As head of the Houston UFO Network (it is a ufo group period) and I have an online: support group, oversaw the Double-Mass Abduction of 1992 (report available upon request).
  • Work reviewed by Royal Society of Chemical Engineers (UK)
  • Development and practice of a multimodality approach using specialized techniques in memory retrieval and intervention therapies for use with the individual of traumatic events or desiring an improved lifestyle (not just UFO related)
  • First UFO researcher to be invited to lecture on alien abduction by the AMA, at a conference at John Muir Medical Center, on the "Medical Complications of Alleged Human/Alien Contact;" received  Letter of Appreciation (1994)
  • Developed an extensive questionnaire, circa 1988, for alleged alien experiencers employing variety of analytical techniques including symbolic profiling, handwriting analysis, NLP and more.
  • Invited to join PARSEC, a European organization of doctors, physicists, psychotherapists and mental health professionals exploring the paranormal's effect on the human mind.

TV Appearances (partial):

Coming August 2013: Derrel will be starring in a docu-reality show for a major cable network; Sightings, Paranormal Borderline, Confirmation (NBC special) Unexplained (WJTV), Hard Copy, In Search Of…, UPN News, Danny Bonaduce Show, Best Evidence, Proof Positive, Strangest UFO Stories Ever Told (UK), Unbelievable (Tokyo), The Ricki Lake Show, Beyond Bizarre, Weird or What? (Toronto), FOX-TV Houston, TechTV, CNN, The Colbert Report, Roswell 50th Anniversary Special (NBC), Promo for Laughlin, Nevada (Live Feed Host for UFO Conference), numerous news and documentary appearances for foreign TV including Japan, CNN Turkey, Brazil, Italy (RAI TV), Finland, Israel, Slovakia and more.

 Frequent guest on countless radio programs worldwide, including Coast to Coast AM, Jeff Rense, Jerry Pippin Show and many, many more.

Sought-after speaker at conferences and workshops throughout North and South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Certifications/Training/Associations (partial list)

  • Army Veteran (VFW) and Sr. Military Police Officer
  • Former Senior Korean National Police Officer

·      Central Intelligence Agency, Covert Ops, Top Secret Clearance

  • Member Military Intelligence Corps Association (for Army Personnel, Active and Retired.)
  • Member Former Intelligence Officers,
  • Certified Hypnotic Anesthesiologist (Ct.HA)
  • Certified Master Hypnotherapist 
  • Board Certified Medical Hypnotherapist (Ct.MHt)
  • Registered Hypnotic Anesthetist (RHA)
  • Master Level, NeuroLinguistic Programming
  • Extensive training in Graphoanalysis and Time Line Therapy.
  • Licensed Private Investigator & Trainer for Executive Protection (Texas)

·      Volunteer Criminal Counselor, Texas Department of Corrections

  • 4th degree black belt Shotokan Japanese Karate (additional Martial Arts credentials available upon request)
  • 2 Instructorships in Scuba Diving, P.A.D.I. & S.S.I.,Water Scuba Instructor, Advanced Instructor Rating


  • Therapist of the Year, National Board of Hypnotic Anesthesia (1993)
  • Slovakia Museum, commemorative medal.
  • Hakui UFO Museum, Japan, commemorative medal
  • Roswell Museum, New Mexico, permanent exhibit
  • Certificate of Appreciation from Women in Aviation

Contact: Jolene Rae Harrington,



GO TO and click on books:




Friday, 21 March 2014

Anthony J. Hilder & Gary Arnold




Gary Arnold's site:



Anthony J. Hilder is the creator of  The Free World Alliance.  He is dedicated and determined to alter the course of "Planet Earth" by destroying the Illuminati's capacity to carry out their crimes "under the cover" of darkness. These Vamparian Bloodsuckers cannot exist in the Light of Day.

"As a Talk Show Host", Investigative Journalist and War Correspondent, Anthony J. Hilder, has done approximately 17,000 interviews over the past 30 years, working 24/7 to bring his dream of a Free World into being. Always controversial, always original, always in the fight for freedom he continues this life-long goal. Hilder is the Author of THE FREE WORLD MANIFESTO.1

Anthony J. Hilder's ever-present goal is to insight a Revelation to avoid a Revolution & form an Alliance of Independent Tribal, Linguistic, Religious, Political, Ethnic and Racial Nation States in opposition to the United Nations.Hilder is fully cognizant that the world must have an option to the U.N. and the chaos & killing that is being deliberately directed by this Brotherhood of Death to bring about our control.

Hilder is the Producer of 21 Video Documentaries and is now working on two Feature Films concerning the Illuminati's Evilarchy. Earlier in his career Anthony did a number of Television Shows and Films, such as M-Squad with Lee Marvin, Summer Love with Jill St. John and A Trail to Christmas with Jimmy Stewart. After thirty years around "The Industry," he has concluded that "Hollywood is the Cancer on the Hemorrhoid of the Ass of the Whore of America." The ILLUMINATI must be destroyed! Inform yourself, divulge it yourself! Tell others!He was Vice President "in charge of all production" at Laird International Films. Prior to that, he had a career in the Music Business as an A&R man, Producer, Publisher and Owner of Impact Records. He produced and published two tunes in "Pulp Fiction."   As a Documentary Film Producer he made 9-11 The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, which is now in 23 countries and 7 languages. His current releases are "Skull & Bones, the Catholic Connection" and "China's Answer to Cancer" which he shot in Manchuria, Japan, China & Hong Kong. Hilder was the first in the world to produce an Expose of the 9-11 Atrocity. He started that film, Illuminazi 9-11, on September 11th, 2001 and finished in late November of that year. He has done two films on Area 51 and the anti-gravational flying phenomena that is commonly seen there, entitled "Alien 51." The second film is entitled "The Panic Project." Concerning the Bombings at the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, he produced, directed and narrated two films - Reistag 95 with Ted Gunderson, (former head of the FBI in Los Angeles, Dallas and Memphis) and produced the Oklahoma Atrocity. Concerning the genetic engineering of Aids, he produced "Megamurder" featuring the late, great, Dr. Michael Culbert. Exposing Bill & Hitlery Clinton's catastrophic 8-year reign as Mr. & Mrs. President, he produced The New World Odor. Hilder addressed the Black Bigotry issue in Americca in his now famous debate with Dr. Khalid Abdul Mohammad (America's Black Hitler) in "Kill The White Man."

By far the most notable of his early Productions is Illuminati CFR by Myron Fagan which he released in 1967, forty years ago. These recordings are the first in the world to expose this Evilarchy and their plans to establish a New World Order upon the Ashes of all National Sovereignty, for all People - for all Time. These recordings literally changed the course of Politics in the United States over the past 40 years. It resulted in dozens of eminent researchers opening investigations into "The Enemy Within, " which operates through the Privately Owned Federal Reserve System, the Council on Foreign Relationsand Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission.


Friday, 14 March 2014

James Robert Wright - 32nd Degree Mason/Whistleblower




James Robert Wright, 32° is 31 years old, resides presently in Los Angeles and has held many positions and decorations in his Masonic Lodges and Scottish Rite, in keeping with preferred family customs. His ancestral roots can be traced back to the Spencer and Saint-Clair families, making him Princess Diana's cousin and William Sinclair of Rosiln's grandson. James has a background in entertainment production, emergency dispatch, IT support, and then proceeding all that formal employ as an Envoy to the Supreme Council in Washington, D.C.  Five years into being an actual Mason up to one year with carte blanche access to vaults and archives as Special Assistant to the Secretary-General, he unexpectedly uncovered some of the most shocking revelations about this so-called 'international charitable fraternal service organization'.  Now, having blown the whistle on the Order, James currently finds himself on the frontlines in the truth and patriot movements rallying public awareness on the nature of corruption and control prevalent in society that is directly tied into the Masonic Cabal’s vast-sweeping network.  Appearing on over 100 radio shows and counting, James asserts that “taking these insidious blood oaths with this Order and then holding public office or working in law enforcement constitutes the biggest conflict of interest the world has ever seen”.

Friday, 07 March 2014

Tommy Hawksblood

Tommy Hawksblood




Hawksblood grew up in New Jersey and had his first encounter with a UFO when he was six years old. From that point on the next six years he was working with a deity. He never new who it was until he was 25.  He came close to his first alien at the age of twelve. Started seeing ships from that point. Now over the thousands which he is still dealing with in HI.

    He learned Hypnosis from an army hypnotist named Mel Protes, at the early age of 14. He began doing Group hypnosis, which led into Past Life Regressions, and later into psychic implant removals. Tommy was also was fortunate to work with World renowned mentalist, The Amazing Kreskin. In the late 60's while he was working with medium Pat Jordan, in which they did ghost busting in and around New York and New Jersey. He became empathic at the age of twenty-five, and then went into the study of Soul Travel. At that time he began dealing with many abductees. 

Tommy lectured for the Thunderbirds, Steven Greer’s group, the Edgar Casey group, Global Science conferences, while at the same time doing Television and Radio shows. , .  

He spent 24 years studying with medicine woman -- Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf -- and a Tibetan Master in the Vajra.  He spent 24 doing Native dancing around the US. He sat with many Native Elders talking about what they call Star Beings, He also was a magician doing stage magic for 30 years. Why he was learning many psychics, channelers, spiritualists were dealing with negative entities. Did remote viewing for a short time and moved into soul travel which he did and still does. He had four near death experiences and spent much of time trying to find any true psychics. During that time was always looking for any solid proof of aliens. He became aware of most of his past lives in detail.

   He spent many years with an associate doing UFO work at what is called the famous Vortex in Wanaque, New Jersey where they conducted investigations and dealt with Beings, Creatures and Entities from many different dimensions,that was part of the Vertex of the Montauk Project. There they saw many strange phenomena's as well. He was two feet from a bigfoot. They were the first to go public filming Orbs in front of people in New York City at the Newlife Expo.

   After the past 15 years he got to see many of the people he knew die, disappear or get locked up or put in the institutions. So he is deciding  to stay doing work in tune with spiritualism because the Gov doesn't care about things like that. He does feel it is much more important than what anyone dealing with aliens have to say or can prove in general. He says there are NO GOOD ALIENS really.   

He is the author of three book. Now just about done with his forth.Which will be the most important thing he ever did.


Friday, 28 February 2014

Jim Nichols - Aldebaran Mystery


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This essay is also viewable on video:

His website:

Jim Nichols was born a Post-War baby-boomer in 1948 in the flatlands of northwestern Ohio. By the time he had reached his senior year of high school, Jim’s restless creativity fueled in him an abiding ambition to become an artist. Even while serving two years of Army service, he managed to complete a correspondence course in commercial art. Following his discharge, Jim resettled in Tucson, Arizona in 1972. For a time, cactus, sagebrush, mountains and skies dominated his artistry and he made something of a name for himself as a painter of southwestern landscapes. By the late 1970s, however, he discovered he could not be content to limit his art to just desert scenes. Popular films of the day like Star Wars and Close Encounters rekindled a love of science fiction that he knew as a youngster. Soon alien landscapes and space ships captivated his creativity. Beginning in 1980 and throughout the following decade, Jim painted numerous UFO illustrations that have been published internationally. His notoriety in the field of UFO research earned him a co-host seat on a weekly, public access television program in Tucson, produced by Ted Loman, entitled UFOAZ Talks. This popular award-winning program ran from 1991 through 1997 and was aired on public access channels across the country. Currently, after so many years of painting fine art and illustration, Jim has expanded his creative talents to include sculpting as well, thus bringing an added dimension to his legacy of artistic skill.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Judy Byington - Child Abuse Recovery



I am retired Mental Health Supervisor and Author Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret.,CEO of the non-profit Child Abuse Recovery and Speakers Bureau (; Author, "Twenty-Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities" (; consultant on satanic crime and retired therapist, Supervisor, Alberta Canada Mental Health and Director, Provo Utah Family Counseling Center.

My purpose in writing "Twenty-Two Faces" (attached) and forming CAR is to expose the ritual abuse of children rampant in our society.

I would appreciate the opportunity to present to your audience:

"Ritualized Abuse - Mind Control - Multiple Personalities - Dissociation - Repressed Memories - International Child Exploitation and Kidnapping Rings"

  • Mind-control survivor Jenny Hill's fracturing into 22 multiple personalities
  • How and Why alter personalities function and heal
  • Spiritual experiences of ritual abuse survivors
  • Behind the scenes in investigation of Utah's eight Satanic covens in connection with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1990 Ritual Abuse Report that revealed, "45 members viewed human sacrifice."
  • Byington gained an exclusive interview with Elder Glenn Pace on this 1990 memo to LDS President Ezra Taft Benson: RITUAL ABUSE
  • Secret Combinations of satanic mind-control perfected in Nazi Germany
  • Congressional hearings & coverups on the CIA extreme abuse of children
  • Exposing International Child Explotation and Kidnapping rings: the coalition of CAR (, SMART ( and ITCCS ( and the Common Law Court litigation in behalf of 50,000 missing Canadian native children that led to Catholic Pope Joseph Ratziner's Feb 2013 resignation, plus plans for 2014.

    I am retired Mental Health Supervisor and Author Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret.,CEO of the non-profit Child Abuse Recovery and Speakers Bureau (; Author, "Twenty-Two Faces: Inside the Extraordinary Life of Jenny Hill and Her Twenty-Two Multiple Personalities" (; consultant on satanic crime and retired therapist, Supervisor, Alberta Canada Mental Health and Director, Provo Utah Family Counseling Center.

    My purpose in writing "Twenty-Two Faces" (attached) and forming CAR is to expose the ritual abuse of children rampant in our society.

    I would appreciate the opportunity to present to your audience:

    "Ritualized Abuse - Mind Control - Multiple Personalities - Dissociation - Repressed Memories - International Child Exploitation and Kidnapping Rings"

    • Mind-control survivor Jenny Hill's fracturing into 22 multiple personalities
    • How and Why alter personalities function and heal
    • Spiritual experiences of ritual abuse survivors
    • Behind the scenes in investigation of Utah's eight Satanic covens in connection with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 1990 Ritual Abuse Report that revealed, "45 members viewed human sacrifice."
    • Byington gained an exclusive interview with Elder Glenn Pace on this 1990 memo to LDS President Ezra Taft Benson: RITUAL ABUSE
    • Secret Combinations of satanic mind-control perfected in Nazi Germany
    • Congressional hearings & coverups on the CIA extreme abuse of children


Friday, 31 January 2014

Susan Shumsky

Dr. Susan Shumsky



Transform Your Mind, Body, and Emotions in 5 Minutes or Less

You can feel better in 5 minutes or less using powerful spiritual healing and affirmation methods that have proven effective for millions of people for the past 150 years. Whether you want physical, mental, or emotional healing, you can simply use these methods to change your life in an instant.

Transform your state of mind, or the surrounding mental atmosphere, with formulas that are simple and effective, and require no background, skill, or training. You are not required to learn anything in order to benefit from these amazing techniques. All you need to do is read the formula audibly and then let go and allow the magic to happen. Through these simple methods, you can discover how the power of your spoken word, with intention, produces miraculous, instant results.

Healing affirmations are to be spoken audibly, in a strong, clear voice. Speaking audibly produces the greatest potency. Every affirmation works. It either produces an instant result, or else it creates an instant healing that moves you towards your desired goal. So keep affirming, and never give up.

On your show, award-winning author and spiritual teacher Dr. Susan Shumsky will discuss simple ways your audience can:

1. Transform their minds, gain self-empowerment and inner strength, and become all they can be.

2. Heal emotions, habits, and deep-seated beliefs, and overcome addictions and co-dependency.

3. Lift the mental atmosphere around them, heal their environment, and create sacred spaces.

4. Overcome entities, enemies, saboteurs, and psychic vampires.

5. Gain greater health and wellbeing, heal relationships, magnetize love, attract prosperity, become successful, and enjoy greater happiness.

6. Transform the planet and create heaven on earth.

Dr. Susan Shumsky can take call-ins or requests from the audience on your show, and, after she says powerful healing affirmations for your audience, they will immediately feel different—more centered, harmonious, peaceful, uplifted, and inspired. No matter what the difficulty, Dr. Shumsky will immediately cut to the chase and provide the answer. She is not a fortuneteller and will not do readings, but the healing methods that she uses, which will touch and lift your audience, will change their lives.


Dr. Susan Shumsky has dedicated her life to helping people take command of their lives in highly effective, powerful, positive ways. She is the author of 10 books, published by Simon & Schuster, Random House, and New Page. A pioneer in the human potential field, she has spent more than 45 years teaching thousands of people meditation, prayer, affirmation, and intuition. Her book titles include Miracle Prayer, Divine Revelation, Exploring Meditation, Exploring Auras, Exploring Chakras, How to Hear the Voice of God, Ascension, Instant Healing, The Power of Auras, and The Power of Chakras.

Dr. Shumsky is a highly respected spiritual teacher, award-winning author, and founder of Divine Revelation®—a unique field-proven technology for contacting the divine presence, hearing and testing the inner voice, and receiving clear divine guidance. For 22 years, her mentor was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, guru of the Beatles and Deepak Chopra. She served on Maharishi's personal staff for 7 years.

A sought-after media guest and highly acclaimed professional speaker, Dr. Shumsky has done over 600 speaking engagements and over 600 media appearances since her first book was published, including Woman's World, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Los Angeles Times, nationally syndicated TV and radio on ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX news, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, and William Shatner's Weird or What? She is featured in the movie Three Magic Words.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Sharry Edwards - re Bio-Acoustics



Bio taken from:


About Sharry Edwards™

Named Scientist of the Year in 2001 for her work in BioAcoustic Biology

Sharry EdwardsSharry Edwards™ is the pioneer in the study of Human BioAcoustic Biology. Her 30 years of research is being used at the Institute of BioAcoustic Biology in Albany, OH.

Currently, Edwards and her team at Sound Health are using human voice and the associated frequencies to help clients resolve health issues such as: macular degeneration, multiple sclerosis, headaches, muscle stress, brain trauma, weight issues and nutritional concerns. The technology she brings to the stage is cutting edge! This technology can identify health and well-being possibilities that you have never encountered.

Sharry Edwards' work is now included in The Duke University Encyclopedia of New Medicine, by Leonard A. Wisnecki and The Scientific Basis of Integrative Medicine, by Lucy Anderson. The effects of BioAcoustic Biology, now accepted by these prestigious medical encyclopedias, have unlimited health and wellness potential.

According to Edwards, "BioAcoustics Voice Spectral Analysis can detect hidden or underlying stresses in the body that are expressed as disease." The vocal print can identify toxins, pathogens and nutritional supplements that are too low or too high. In addition, vocal print can be used to match the most compatible treatment remedy to each client. The introduction of the proper low frequency sound to the body, indicated through voice analysis, has been shown to control: pain, body temperature, heart rhythm, and blood pressure. It has also been shown to regenerate body tissue, and alleviate the symptoms of many diseases (in some cases, even those considered to be incurable).



Thursday, 16 January 2014

Maxine Taylor - Astrologer


Maxine Taylor - Guest - January 10, 2014

Bio extract taken from

Based in Atlanta, Maxine Taylor is a true visionary with over forty years of experience in spiritual work.

She is an internationally-known astrologer, energy healer, spiritual coach, teacher, speaker and published author.  One of her greatest gifts is the ability to awaken people to the truth of who they are and empower them to transform their lives.

Maxine's mission in life has been to uncover spiritual truth and apply it to the practical aspects of living.

She has devoted herself to sharing her wisdom and experience with others to assist them in leading more successful, fulfilling lives.



Friday, 10 January 2014

Jerry Avalos and Mike Harris

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Mike Harris - 1st half hour

Update on State of the Planet


Mike Harris 
The Short End Of The Stick

M-F 1-3pm Pacific (Listen)

Mike Harris spent 20 years in China and Russia and the Far East working on mergers acquisitions, specializing in technology development and transfers. He has managed projects as simple as power plants and as complex as the Pershing 2 missile. He is currently with Swiss based Adamus group, and serves on project team for the next generation $1.6 trillion dollar hyper collider. Mike is a lifelong Republican, and former candidate for governor of AZ, Mike also served as Republican Party Finance Chairman. Mike Supported Ron Paul for the 2012 primary campaign.

Jerry Avalos - 2nd Guest re:  Holograms and Free Energy

Jerry Avalos is a lead researcher & developer for Intrinsic Energy Innovations Inc. applying his understanding of how intuition and quantum mechanics meet by creating holographic and scalar technology. Jerry is a born natural intuitive lucid dreamer, experiencing the full gambit of what most call "paranormal", metaphysical, and spiritual experiences all his life. Which also includes being an unknowing test subject in intuitive projects in the shadow government known as military abductions(or MILAB). Through the insight he has garnered from his nightly astral travels and daily intuits, Jerry has developed & honed various techniques for expansion of consciousness.  These experiences have also given Jerry tremendous insight into principles of quantum mechanics such as entanglement, which directly translate to the products he is currently developing.

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Clark McClelland


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Clark McClelland is a bonafide expert in the field of UFO specialists. He began his investigations of this strange phenomenon in 1947. His 60 plus years of study in the field of UFOlogy puts him in a unique class of educators and investigators.

He has lectured at many national universities including Notre Dame, Penn State, Ohio State, Berea, Montana State University, New York University, Idaho State, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and others too numerous to mention. On several occasions, he was requested by students and faculty to bring his unique topic to their campus as an elective course, although his work at Kennedy Space Center at the time overruled his acceptance.

Clark McClelland’s long association with the UFO phenomenon has followed him throughout his aerospace career. In 1958 he was assigned to the national space program at Cape Canaveral, Florida, and helped launch or viewed 679 rockets and spacecraft. In addition to being an Aerospace Engineer and Technical Assistant to the Apollo Program Manager during the Apollo moon landings, McClelland and other SpaceCraft Operators did extensive technical checkout of simulated flights and mission objectives of the various shuttles to assure orbital success and the personal safety of the astronauts.

Clark C. McClelland and NASA Astronaut Judy Resnick

McClelland knew many of the astronauts who perished during the Challenger disaster and certainly did all he could to keep each shuttle from such a repeat accident. He has held important positions involving such manned projects as Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo lunar landings, Skylab, the Space Shuttle and the Space Station. He was assigned to the cockpit of the Space Shuttle missions as a SpaceCraft Operator (Ground Test Astronaut). If anyone knows what is going on in space, with humans or otherwise, it is McClelland

In 1960, Major Donald E Keyhoe, the International Director of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) selected McClelland to be Director for the Kennedy Space Center and central Florida region. His unit members included two NASA Astronaut Flight Surgeons, many engineers, scientists and mathematicians as consultants and investigators. Later, he was chosen as the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Director at the KSC and served concurrently as Assistant State Director for Florida.

McClelland’s name is on three commemorative monuments, the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo missions – - – His name will be on the Space Shuttle, International Space Station and the Deep Space Missions monuments in the future


Read what others have said regarding Clark McClelland’s knowledge and expertise in the fields of aerospace and UFO research.

Also, please visit Quotes By Those Who Know, a section of inspiring quotes from respected people on the UFO phenomenon in general.

Both sections contain quotes ranging from famous scientists such as Dr. Wernher von Braun, to political leaders, investigators and NASA astronauts.


Monday, 09 December 2013

Update Open Lines with Kerry Cassidy

Kerry Cassidy - Update & Open Lines

Due to having my scheduled guest blocked by the PTB I opened the lines for questions from the audience on anything.

This turned out to be a very interesting show.  Near the end, my webmaster Tommy calls in to reveal that he was just approached that night at a bar in Norway by a very German looking military man from a nearby base who told him "I know you better than you know yourself"... and indicated he was going to be his "handler".  This situation is still being investigated.


Monday, 09 December 2013

Dee Wonder Dog - Guest was Blocked by PTB

Dee Wonder Dog:

Topics could include Nazi influence over electronic Data gathering - PROMIS extended into Aust banking & Microsoft software, Aust foreknowledge of Sept 11f and Bali bombing, the NSA GCHQ HCSB ASD/DSD and SIS banking data spying, the occult side of Sept 11th and Bali (1 year, 1 month, 1 Day later), the Aust Reserve Bank links to Larry Si;verstein and the WTC purchase - and if you want to get wider, British Gov interference in Australia and their use of Israeli agents as plausible deniable cover - with info on Israeli foreknowledge of 9/11 - they knew, but some of them were trying to prevent it - or just putting on a good show for my benefit.

Thursday, 05 December 2013


Time Travel DVDs & Streaming Available Now!



Seminar with Kerry Cassidy