This past weekend I interviewed Simon Parkes at the Bases Conference in Marlborough, England.  This was a fascinating coversation and I will be posting it in the next few days.

One important piece of information came forward from this interview which is that Flight MH 17 was shot down by a Russian plane because it was headed to a Russian city being armed as a biowarfare dirty bomb.  The flight did contain bodies that had long been dead from Flight MH 370 and it was aimed and outfitted by the Mossad.  Sadly the passengers were killed as ‘collateral damage’ in an effort to create a 911 in Russia with the intention of sparking WWIII.  

This information comes from a man who has high level contacts in the British government.  Simon Parkes, a British city councillor, comes from an illuminati bloodline.  He was trained in occult Magic from a young age by his Grandfather, a British Diplomat and Freemason who worked for MI6 and his mother, who worked for MI5.  More to come…