I went back to my source on the photos to get a response to the many comments and questions the photos have generated and this is what they said.  Keep in mind this is a very deep source and my contact is a go-between:

…”As to the telescope’s central mirror artifact, those commenting on this are correct, but what the photos do show is a ‘something’ that is not part of the mirror/nor the resolution structure of the telescope. It is difficult to see, but is there. It may be more easily seen if you adjust the gain, etc., of the photo. Bear in mind that this is a photo of a screen. NOT a screen shot. That could not (apparently) be taken out of the facility.  So there are artifacts from the camera shooting the screen, as well as the telescope central mirror, still, in the photo, you can view a slightly eliptoid body that is larger than the mirror’s center.”

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