In April 2011 I traveled to the UK to do several interviews as well as a speaking engagement in Glastonbury. During this trip I met with Eva Zemonova who had contacted me from Prague where she currenlty resides. We agreed to meet in the UK to film an interview with her regarding a fascinating encounter experience she had that became a time travel event with far reaching implications, if true, for mankind.

With the help of Barry King, who has given her support and the value of his vast background in this sector, she has begun to put all of the pieces together that comprise this complex story. Unlike most contact experiences, this group of beings appear to have been our ancestors that is, angelic human lineage… from the stars, most likely our higher dimensional selves who came to the Earth far back in the distant past. A great deal of research and investigation needs to be done on this case. Eva Zemanova and Barry King would welcome scientific exploration into this area and can be contacted via email : Eva Zemanova

See the link below for a report written by Barry King on this incident.

Kerry Cassidy
Release date: July 2011

Barry King’s report: