Project Camelot interviews Gordon Novel

Renegade: Gordon Novel on Camera
Los Angeles, December 2006

Gordon Novel is a fascinating man. Carried along on the train of history, Novel has had a front seat to many of the most controversial chapters in U.S. history. From the Kennedy assassination to Watergate, Waco and beyond, Novel has seen it all. In his first interview for over a decade, he gives us a glimpse of his role and perspective on a multitude of subjects including the Vietnam war; Saddam Hussein and his trial; J. Edgar Hoover; his friendship with John DeLorean; the transformation of the global economy; global warming; free energy; UFOs and what he calls the ‘Extraterrestrial Revolution’; and much more.

Charming, bold and uncompromising in his vision, Novel is determined to change the world. Here we’re given a special look at his ‘Plutopian’ vision of the world, along with news of his proposed motion picture in development, KINGDOMS COME, in a deal being brokered with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. With the support of the CIA, he believes his vision of a world set free from the confines of oil and gas will become a reality. A big picture thinker with an iron will and an indomitable spirit, Novel forges ahead against all odds. His fierce dedication to the job in hand is what has characterized him in public life for four decades.

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