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Laura Eisenhower – Biography – (taken from )

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower

Laura is a Galactic Historian, Global Alchemist, Cosmic Mythologist, Ascension Guide and is the great-grandaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower. She is on a profound mission to reveal our true origins connected with the ‘Magdalene’ and ‘Gaia-Sophia’ energies of love and wisdom and works to liberate us from the Military Industrial Complex,

the Archonic systems and false power structures.. These forces

connect many dots that are coming into our awareness, now more

than ever, as our solar system aligns with the Galactic plane in



While residing and traveling independently in over 20 cities in the U.S.

and abroad, she developed an excellent knowledge base in frontier

health, Exopolitics, alchemy, metaphysics and ancient history, and also has degrees and certifications in science, wilderness expedition leadership, natural healing and building. She has masterfully woven together the esoteric and alchemical aspects of nature with our ancient roots, hidden history, the present

world, and our future potential.


She is also a Whistleblower and has been speaking out about being recruited to go to a Colony

on Mars that represented a time-line that she refused to go along with. She has been able to uncover some necessary truths and agendas that humanity is being kept in the dark about and lectures and does workshops on these issues along with topics such as Global Alchemy, Christ-Sophia, Sacred Union, ET races, Esoteric Cosmology, the Positive Time-line and seeks to

empower the individual so that harmony can be restored.


For more than 15 years, she has been providing clairvoyant readings and transformative

healings for individuals with the assistance of many divination tools and astrology. Focusing on chakra systems, Laura has advised on topics such as soulpath, abduction, mind-control,

core issues, relationships, past lives and physical ailments. She has been strategizing to solve

the roots of major world problems including epidemics, war, environmental degradation

and injustices that have been a result of the misuses of power of the shadow government. She

also covers hidden agendas connected to ET races and the exile of the Divine Feminine energies.


Going through an intense World Soul journey of the labyrinth, Laura has discovered an ability to open a Natural stargate by co-creating with the Venus transits and weaving through the multi-dimensions of the higher and lower worlds. Clearing portals and moving past gatekeepers, Laura works to free us from the 3-D holographic time-loop and guide us back to the Pleroma, the totality of divine powers. With great passion and courage, she is helping to return Sacred Union, divine wisdom, and the many faces of the Goddess that have been buried and forgotten for thousands of years.

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Dr. Dream (aka Mark Peebler)
Biography (taken from ) 

For many years Mark was a hotel sales and marketing professional. He started his hospitality career with Ramada and then worked as Director of Marketing for Embassy Suites in Arizona, working for three properties. Mark was on the boards of Meeting Planners International (AZ Chapter) and Society of Government Meeting Planners (AZ Chapter), becoming Supplier of the Year for both organizations. He went on to produce the very successful Arizona Tourism Shows in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico (1990 & 1991). In 1992, Mark moved his consulting business, The Peebler Group, to New York City where his clients came from the hospitality, service and movie industries. For three years he trained Marriott sales people at eight hotels from New York to Rhode Island. During this time Mark developed an interest in applying his sales and marketing skills to the newly emerging Internet. In 1994, Mark started It’s All Good™ Web Design & Marketing. 

In the last twelve years the company has worked on well over 600 websites. It’s All Good™ Web Design & Marketing has provided the highest quality, cutting edge, professional communications and technology services in web development, marketing, photography and graphic design. Today, It’s All Good™ Web Design & Marketing is part of Flesch, Pritchard & Peebler (FP²) – Integrated Marketing Communications. FP² is based in Sedona, Arizona, with a satellite office in Victoria, B.C.

IAG Consulting & Promotions, Photography Works, and Dream the Biggest DREAM™ are all under the It’s All Good™ Companies banner.

In his mid-20’s, Mark stepped-out of a victim mindset and realized that his life was only going to be what he made of it. It’s All Good™ Companies, Mark’s sales and marketing umbrella company, was birthed from this awareness. As a successful entrepreneur, Mark has incorporated the tools and techniques that he shares with others, in all aspects of his own life. Over the years, including 9+ years in Sedona, Arizona, Mark has further refined his perspective on how reality works, or more to the point, how to create, attract and manifest desired life experiences. He has been greatly influenced by Albert Clayton Gaulden, James Redfield, Wayne Dyer, Shakti Gawain, Dan Millman, Abraham-Hicks and many others.

In 2004, Dream the Biggest DREAM was born and Mark, as Dr. DREAM, settled in with his passion and purpose in life. Why “Dr. DREAM”? Remember, the word ‘doctor’ comes from the latin root ‘docere’ which means ‘to teach’. The material that Dr. DREAM presents is not new – it has been around for as long as humanity has questioned their existence and it is reinterpreted by each generation. Dr. DREAM’s uniquely personal approach to energy transference and sharing his perspective on what has worked for him and what he knows can work for those with whom he has the opportunity to connect, has been widely praised.

In addition to his work as an Empowerment Coach and Intuitive Counselor, Dr. DREAM is accomplished in healing work with Rife Frequencies, Guided Visualizations, Reiki, ThetaHealing, Crystal Therapy, Sound & Vibration, Chakra Clearing / Balancing, Essential Oils and Flower Essences.

Mark has been ordained as a minister of the Universal Life Church in Modesto, California. As a minister, he is authorized to perform all peaceful rites and ceremonies, includingweddings, funerals, baptisms, blessings, and to preach, teach and hold meetings. This ordination is valid in all 50 states.

Mark has traveled to sacred sites around the world including Egypt, Cambodia, Japan, China, Russia, Greece, Turkey and throughout Central and South America. From presenting at Total Solar Eclipse Festivals and Burning Man, to ceremonies at Machu Pichu and Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuachan, to his weekly Free Tele-conferences (since 2005, see Calls & Events), Dr. DREAM has assisted the journeys of thousands of incredible beings that have been drawn to his energy and message.

Mark has had the distinct honor of teaching, Manifesting Your Business, at NAMTI – School of Massage & Bodywork, in Sedona and Prescott. He is past faculty member of Kensington College in Santa Ana, California.

Mark is a practicing Holistic Healing Practitioner and Energetic Group Facilitator, in addition to being a Public Speaker.

Les Brown said it well; “Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.”

Dream the BIGGEST DREAM™ is motivated by Mark’s desire to “make a difference”.

Mark, and his daughter, Maya, and their dog, Jake, live in Ventura, California, with his Sacred Union Partner, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower, and her twin boys.

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