Steven D. Kelley


Steven D Kelley

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Steven was born and raised in southern California.  He started a career in the precision electro optics field during the advent of the laser. He rose from optics manufacturing technician to manager of quality control, engineering, and production control.  During this time, Steven was advancing the state of the art of semi conductors, military systems, and massive optics.  After leaving to start his own company, S.K.Industries, became involved with CIA working in support of Iraq vs. Iran.  Sometime later, the newly formed company received a contract to build solid-state lasers for what would turn out to be an NSA operation run by Ollie North.    It was a result of that experience that Steven became awake and began the process of researching the truth and getting on the path to enlightenment.

After a falling out with the Ollie North gang, Steven became involved with the people working with Billy Meier and his contact with Pleadians.  The purpose of this was for technical insight into information and materials provided to Billy Meier by Semjase.  Steven was exposed at that time to everything about Reptoids, Greys, and even factions within the Pleadians.  Steven began researching the properties of fine silver and the use of this material in the building of beamships.    The association with Billy Meier and the work with fine silver caused an immediate reaction that put Steven and his family and friends, under heavy scrutiny by various alphabet groups.

After growing the semiconductor laser industry in the U.S.A., S.K.Industries would introduce the LAW-17 laser aiming system, which would revolutionize laser aiming for weapons.  Steven became sought after by numerous countries for information on this technology.  The result was the experience of dealing with the Intelligence agencies from all over the World.  During this time, there was an attempt to lure Steven onto Area 51, which was rejected because of too much prior knowledge.

Reluctantly, there were eventually dealings with Templar’s and Bilderbergers who were called Cavers because of their deep underground bunkers that they operated out of.  Steven was asked to invent a weapon for use against aliens.  It fast became obvious that only the human psychic ability would work where any man made device would be defeated. This began a total shift from focusing on technology to a life dedicated to expanding psychic ability.

After living in and seeing the dark side, Steven entered the metaphysical community and the love and light crowd.  Steven learned that the secret to life is to serve others and that it is better to help the victims of evil than to fight the dark side and become a tool of it.  One of the final projects of S.K.Industries was working with a University to produce propulsion capable UV laser light from fine silver, this was not the first exposure to UFO propulsion techniques.  Steven also is working to invent a zero point energy device.

Steven began healing and learning to move energy and has become a Reiki master.  Steven enjoys lecturing about everything from Tesla, Reich, and Schauberger, Metaphysics, Quantum physics, and aliens.   The scientific background provides the mechanical understanding of the workings of the energies we use in Reiki and other psychic endeavors.