01/02/2013 – Neil Freer



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Sapiens Rising: The View From 2100

Beyond the Babel-factor

A Manifesto For The Children Of The 21st Century

Neil Freer

The Author

NEIL FREER is a researcher, generalist, lecturer and poet living in

Santa Fe, NM. Neil holds a BA in English and did graduate work in

Philosophy and Psychology at the New School for Social Research.

He has taught college courses in Philosophy and History of Religion,

gives private and public seminars and lectures and has done over

two hundred ninety radio and TV interviews. Neil is the author of

Breaking the Godspell[1] , which explores the archaeological,

astronomical and genetic proof for our being a genetically engineered

species and presents the ramifications of this new paradigm of

human nature that resolves the Creationist-Evolutionary conflict. In

his second book, God-Games: What Do You Do Forever?[2] he

explores the ways in which we will live when, individually and

collectively, we attain the unassailable integrity afforded by the

restoration of our true genetic history. He outlines the racial maturity

of the new planetary civilization and describes the new human.

Neil is also a practicing immortal, signed up for cryogenic

suspension to cover his bet in the event that the biotechnologists

haven’t given us immortality before he dies.

Email: neil@neilfreer.com Website: www.neilfreer.com